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[기사 본문]

– Introduction of the achievement system required for village growth, check through the Hall of Fame

– A mini-game ‘Find Will’ to find the NPC Will who went to the festival! addition

– ‘Creating a City of Dreams Event’ held at the official cafe until December 9th

Itoxy (CEO Dae-ik Kwon, Bong-gyu Jeon) announced today (26th) that it will implement a large-scale new content update in the global service mobile city management simulation game ‘People and the City’.

First, we introduce a new achievement system. The achievement system activates the ‘Hall of Fame’ when you reach level 5, so you can check your achievements and receive rewards. You can also check your completed achievements as a good opportunity to accumulate achievements and acquire rubies (in-game currency) while meeting various conditions necessary for the growth of the village.

Itoxy adds the in-game mini-game ‘Find Will’ of ‘People and the City’. In the game, generous rewards such as game money and items are provided to users who find Will (NPC) walking around in striped clothes within a limited time.

City School students, Brandon and Brenda, who are important celebrities in ‘People and the City’, appear newly. Also, Beijing, which is called China’s Millennium Ancient City, is updated with a new city theme. The Forbidden City is provided as a gift when you complete themes such as Beijing Duck Restaurant and Martial Arts School. As a tourist facility, Malaysia’s famous ‘Petronas Twin Towers’ building will be added.

Along with this, to commemorate this update, iToxi will hold the ‘Creating a City of Dreams Event’ until December 9th. If you verify the area of ​​1 site including the police station/fire station/dwelling area on the official cafe bulletin board, rubies will be given out through a lottery, and a gift will be given to all participants.

‘People and the City’ is a game in which you create your own sophisticated city through mobile city management simulation, develop various industries, and manage the city. For more information about the game, please visit the official cafe ( can be checked.

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]