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– Scenario introduction and release of new information such as human drama

Digital Touch Co., Ltd. (CEO Jeong Seong-heon, www.digital-touch.co.kr) is related to Koei Tecmo Games’ tactical action game 『Tactical Warriors 8 Empires』(PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch™, Steam®) on PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4. Nintendo Switch™ announced that it has decided to distribute a trial version. The release date will be announced at a later date.

In addition, the latest information, such as in-game scenarios, introductions of various play styles, and human dramas with warlords, was also released.

About the trial version

Decision to distribute trial version

The distribution of a trial version that allows you to quickly experience the charm of this work, such as the evolved editing mode and the new battle “Siege War”, has been decided.

In “Siege Wars”, you can enjoy both the “Invasion Wars” that attack the enemy’s castle and the “Defense Wars” that protect your allies’ castles while serving as a tutorial. The siege warfare of this trial version consists of high-difficulty battles that start in a slightly unfavorable situation. You can find your own strategy by playing repeatedly.

Although the editing mode has limitations in some functions, such as voice and action, you can quickly experience the content equivalent to the product version one step at a time, and you can make your own editing armament carefully over time. The editing armament created in this trial version can be used continuously as the product version ().

(If the hard drive on which you played the trial version and the hard version purchased for the product version are different, there is a possibility that the original armament will not be transferred)


new game information

Various scenarios that are different for each era and situation can be played

In the main part of the game, different scenarios of the era, such as “The Rebellion of the Yellow Emperor” and “The Battle of Red Cliffs,” are prepared, and you can play in a variety of situations. Also, in certain scenarios, special historical event battles may occur when conditions are met.

00_scenario selection.jpg

01_Dowon Resolution.jpg

There is also a special scenario that is only available to purchasers in the Deluxe Edition, which is a deluxe download.

02_Delux Edition Enclosed Campaign_Scenario_Popular Armed Decisive Battle.jpg

Experience the Three Kingdoms in white and white with various play styles

There is no definitive strategy for attack in this work, “Unification of the world with all the armed forces of the Wu surviving” “Creating an ideal force by gathering your favorite armed forces” “Aiming to unify the continent by deliberately not belonging to a force and fighting in the wild” For that purpose, you can create your own “Three Kingdoms” with a variety of play styles, such as “playing a ruthless villain”.



In addition, in this work, you can acquire a title according to the six fame points that reflect the player’s play style. Not only does the compatibility of the armed forces change depending on the title, but there are also dedicated event branches depending on the two types of good and evil.

05_Sunkwon after the unification of the world.jpg

06_Camellia that people are afraid of.jpg

A human drama that deepens with a deep relationship with the armed forces

In this work, various human dramas with the heroes of the Three Kingdoms unfold. If you can build a strong relationship with the armed forces, you can get married or form a sibling relationship.

07_Marriage with a military officer.jpg

08_Brothers_Jangryo and Kwanwoo.jpg

In addition, children are born between the spouses, and they can be registered as editorial officers who are related by blood. With that armament as the player, you can enjoy the win-win mode again.

09_Birth of a Child.jpg

■ Product information


All of the released screenshots are of the Japanese version under development.

Reporter Jang-won Lee [email protected]