Konosuba Mobile, 100th anniversary special broadcast on the 26th

Data provided – Nexon

Nexon (CEO Jeong-heon Lee) unveiled an appreciation event on the 26th to commemorate the 100th day of the release of the collectible mobile RPG ‘Konosbar Mobile Fantastic Days (hereinafter referred to as ‘Konosbar Mobile’).

To commemorate the 100th day, if you log in to ‘Konosbar Mobile’ from November 26th to December 10th at 8:59 a.m., a total of 1,300 ‘Quartz’, ‘Skip Ticket (100)’, and ‘Ganghwaseok (Small) (100)’ Dogs)’ and ‘Legendary Holy Grail (10 pieces)’ are provided.

To commemorate the 100th day of release, Nexon will present a special broadcast of Korean voice actors who participated in the dubbing of ‘Konosbar Mobile’ at 8 pm on the 26th. The broadcast can be viewed on the official YouTube channel of ‘Konosbar Mobile’, and voice actors Kim Yul, Kim Ye-rim, Kim Chae-ha, and Choi Seung-hoon, who played the voices of four representative characters such as Aqua, Megumin, Darkness, and Kazuma, express their gratitude and receive a special reward for the 100th anniversary. and limited benefits will be revealed for the first time in the broadcast. In addition, the broadcast will also release a special video containing the 100-day journey of countless adventurers who enjoy ‘Konosuba’.

‘Konosbar Mobile’ was officially launched in Korea and globally on August 19th through Google Play and Apple App Store. By supporting Korean voices for the entire story and characters, it increased immersion, ranking first in Google Play’s popular game and 13th in sales in Korea. Since then, summer content has been well received and has surpassed 1 million cumulative downloads within 4 days of release. is in progress

You can check more details on the thanks event commemorating the 100th anniversary of the launch of ‘Konosbar Mobile’ on the official website.