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Krafton, updated Terra’s ‘The Garden of the Dawn’ on Wednesday, November 24 | Ruri Web

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– Open a special space restored to the ‘Garden of Dawn’ area

– Events to give items and discounts on Black Friday

– Announcement of ‘Class Change’ through winter content update

Crafton’s Bluehole Studios (CEO Dooin Jo, hereinafter Bluehole Studios) has updated TERA (The Exiled Realm of Arborea, TERA) to stimulate users’ nostalgia and released additional information on large-scale content updates in winter. did.

First of all, through this update, a special space that restored the beautiful past of the ‘Garden of Dawn’ area was opened, allowing you to enjoy the scenery in the game once again. ‘Garden of Dawn’ was well-received for its beautiful scenery, but it was a space that was disappointing that it changed to gray color due to the progress of the story following the update.

We also prepared an event to commemorate Black Friday. Various store benefits are provided, such as presenting items for the appearance of ‘Evil Dragon Iscario’s Wings’ when charging blue, and discounting the ‘100% Costume Select Gacha’ where you can get costumes with a 100% probability. In addition, a dungeon boost event will be held every weekend until December, where you can get double rewards for clearing the dungeon.

For the winter large-scale content update, it was foretold to introduce ‘Class Change’. ‘Class Change’ is content that prioritizes pioneering a new battle play style and the enjoyment of users. It will give the combat a new feel, but will not significantly affect the existing balance. Users will be able to freely select a class change.

The degree of freedom in the fighting style is also expected to increase further. When a user selects a job change, some of the skills previously used are replaced with the previous skill, but if the user does not want to use the skill of the previous job, it can be returned to the existing skill configuration through skill replacement.

Class change will be carried out sequentially, and the first class to be introduced in December is the warrior class and the archer class.

Details of the winter update will be released continuously, and by adding the Terra KakaoTalk official channel, you can quickly receive notifications of the next trailer.

For more information on updates and events, visit the Terra official website ( can be checked through

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]

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