Lost Ark, Ottogi Collaboration ‘Gamers Cup’ sold over 1 million units

Data provided – Smilegate

Korea’s representative MMORPG (multiplayer online role-playing game) of Smilegate RPG (CEO Ji Won-gil), Lost Ark launched ‘Gamers Cup Dealer Sorceress’ through collaboration with Ottogi in September, and the sales volume of ‘Gamers Cup’ bowl noodles It was announced on the 26th (Friday) that it had exceeded 1 million.

On September 29 (Wednesday), Lost Arc and Ottogi opened ‘Gamers Cup Dealer Sorcery’, a collaboration between Ottogi’s container noodle brand ‘Gamers Cup’ and Lost Arc’s popular class ‘Sorceress’, at convenience stores nationwide and Naver Ottogi official stores. officially released through Since then, along with the hot popularity of Lost Ark, the sales volume has increased significantly from the first week of its release, with out of stock at Ottogi’s official mall and some convenience stores. In particular, as collaboration products became popular, the sales volume of the existing ‘Gamers Cup Healer’ more than doubled, and the total sales of ‘Gamers Cup’ products exceeded 1 million units.

In addition, the limited edition ‘Gamers Cup Lost Arc Package’ consisting of ▲Gamers Cup Dealer Sorceress, ▲Mococo Stickers, ▲Mococo Smart Talk, and ▲Gamers Cup Lost Arc Chopsticks is also lost as both the 1st and 2nd releases are sold out. It once again proved its hot popularity for the arc. In addition, the live broadcast of ‘Gamers Cup X Mococo Cutlery Set’, which was conducted through Naver Shopping Live on November 24, recorded more than 62,000 cumulative viewers in one hour, ranking first in the number of real-time viewers of the channel.

Smilegate RPG will hold a thank-you event to commemorate the 1 million sales of Gamers Cup through Lost Arc’s official YouTube channel until December 1 (Wednesday), and reward rich gifts such as collaboration products and Lost Arc goods through lottery.

Meanwhile, the proceeds from the sale of the ‘Gamers Cup Lost Arc Package’ are part of the ‘Dear. It will be used for the ‘Mococo Sharing Box’ donation campaign with The ‘Mococo Sharing Box’ is abundantly filled with Ottogi’s various foodstuffs and is delivered with a warm heart to welfare facilities in need of help in various parts of society.

For more information about Lost Ark, please visit the Lost Ark official website.