Mabinogi, life skill reorganization ‘RE:form’ update

Data provided – Nexon

Nexon (CEO Lee Jung-heon) announced on the 26th that it had applied the ‘RE:form’ update, which reorganizes life skills in its online game ‘Mabinogi’.

First, we introduced a new system ‘Production Diary’ that allows you to grasp the items that can be crafted by life skill at a glance. The list of items that have been successfully produced is recorded in the ‘production diary’, so you can have fun accumulating information.

Life skills UI (user environment) has been reorganized to increase convenience. Improvements have been made so that relevant information can be checked without wearing the equipment required for production, and the function of automatically registering product material items has been extended to all life skills.

A lot of new recipes have been added so that you can make more diverse products using life skills. With this update, dozens of recipes, including 18 types of cloth making clothes, 42 types of new dishes, 5 types of romantic farm installations, and 2 types of potions, were newly introduced with this update.

In addition, the convenience and usability of life skills were improved in general by significantly increasing the production experience of life skills and changing the maximum production success rate to apply from 99% to 100% when trying to produce.

To commemorate this ‘RE:form’ update, the ‘Return of the Living Master’s Order’ event will be held until December 9th. When you log in to the game during the event period, you will see ‘Nice to meet you, the 2nd Master! You can receive ‘Dojo’ every day and use it to exchange for ‘Master’s Skill Training Seal’.

In addition, if you perform the ‘Order List of the 2nd Masters’ quest, you will receive a ‘Good job from the 2nd Living Masters! You can acquire ‘Dojo’, ‘Life Skill Training Double Potion’, and ‘Special Experience Point Increase Fruit (300%)’ every day. ‘Good job from the 2nd Living Master! The ‘Dojo’ can be exchanged for ‘Skill Training Seal Option’.

More information about the game ‘Mabinogi’ can be found on the official website.