Sunday, November 28

Mu Archangel, updated competitive content ‘Fight of God’

Data provided – Webzen

Webzen (CEO Kim Tae-young) introduces a new competitive content ‘Fight of God’ in the mobile MMORPG ‘Mu Archangel’.

Webzen has an update check time for ‘Mu Archangel’ today (November 26th), and will introduce new entertainment such as ‘Squad’ and ‘The Milky Way’, which you can enjoy in units of corps, along with ‘Fight of God’ competing 3 to 3. add

‘Fight of the Gods’, available from level 250 of the Master, is a battle content of the corps, and a three-person party, ‘Squad’, is formed and participated. A total of 6 users will enter the stadium and compete fiercely to collect ‘God’s decisions’ within the time limit.

In a confrontation, you can not only secure the decisions of the gods scattered around the arena, but also the crystals collected by your competitors by attacking the opposing team. After that, in the last week of the season, a ‘final match’ is held for the top 16 squads, and the top 3 teams are selected and various rewards such as ‘God’s Blessing Skill’ are provided.

A ‘squad’, the unit of participation in the showdown of the gods, is a party composed of three users belonging to the same corps. As you increase the tier and level of your squad, the types of exclusive skills that can be used in battles increase, and you can earn points and additional rewards according to the outcome of the match.

In addition, ‘The Milky Way’, one of the corps contents, is added. The Milky Way, which is activated one by one for each Legion season, consists of 1 normal constellation, 6 special constellations, and 1 soul constellation. By activating each constellation according to the stage, you can acquire characteristic skills and increase the skill level.

Meanwhile, Webzen operates a guerrilla event in the official community while the ‘Mu Archangel’ is being checked for updates. If you get the correct answer to the given quiz or take a picture of the game screen that you joined in the squad and authenticate it, you will receive a jewel item.

More details about the update of ‘Fight of God’ of Webzen ‘Mu Archangel’, game information, and events can be found in the official community.

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