Randy: Random skill defense, new product addition and renewal update

Data provided – Nada Digital

Nada Digital (CEO Yoon-Yeol Lee) announced on the 25th that it had added new products and renewed updates in the strategy defense game ‘Rance D: Random Skill Defense’ developed and serviced by the company.

‘Lance D: Random Skill Defense’, which was updated on the 18th, is a strategic defense that defends one’s tower by defeating enemies through dozens of skill combinations and reinforcing artifacts from enemies that come endlessly within a set time. It is a mobile game.

In this renewal update, the UI of the store has been greatly improved, and the image of the existing store is upgraded as a whole, and period discount products such as 1+1 product that pays double immediately upon purchasing diamonds, and advertisement removal products that eliminate in-game advertisements have been added. You can enjoy the game more conveniently than before and enjoy various benefits.

In addition, as the number of star reward diamonds of the three new chapters added during the 2nd large-scale update increases, it is possible to obtain more goods more easily, and the convenience is improved by adding a function to receive intermediate rewards after 30 minutes in idle mode became

In addition, to commemorate the update of the relic limit breakthrough system, various events are underway, such as a community event where you can receive hero enhancement stones and gold just by authentication, and a weekend push event where you can receive diamonds and gold every day.

A Nada Digital official said, “Through this update, we focused on providing a more convenient gaming environment by enhancing the convenience and benefits of Defenders.” It will be a random skill defense.”

Meanwhile, ‘RansD: Random Skill Defense’ can be downloaded through the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and One Store, and detailed update information can be found through the RansD Naver Official Lounge.