Rhythm Hive, New Synthesis and More Top Card Updates

Data provided – Hive

Rhythm Hive, a mobile rhythm game where you can enjoy the music and IP of Hive Labels artists as a game, performed a large-scale update for the winter season on the 25th.

Through this update, Rhythm Hive has increased the intimacy between the artist and the user and further strengthened the contact point. A top-rated performance card containing the artist’s actual voice and message has been added, and a download method for each group and a ranking system for each group have been introduced so that users can focus on the growth of the artist (group) selected.

First, through the newly added card synthesis system, the highest grade ‘UR’ performance card, higher than the previous highest grade ‘XR’ card, will be introduced. The UR performance card consists of two types: a voice card where you can hear the artist’s real voice and a lettering card with a message of encouragement from the artist. If successful, you can choose between a voice and a lettering card.

In particular, the artist voice and lettering service provided by the UR card will be available for the first time in this update. You can set various anniversaries such as the artist’s debut date and birthday, as well as options for each situation such as welcome and farewell, so you can enjoy vivid performances as if you are playing a game with the artist while enjoying the artist’s colorful voices and lettering.

The inventory system where you can check the card items you have in the game has also been reorganized. The new inventory system makes it easier for users to manage items with more granular filtering, such as performance cards, concept photos, profile skins, and expanded categories that can check the card composition status at a glance by each artist, as well as a member selection function. . In addition, the ‘Collection Book’ has been newly added, allowing you to appreciate the collections by theme and complete your own collection, so that the fun of collecting cards can be doubled.

In addition, the play environment has been updated to focus on the growth of the selected artist. Depending on the artist (group) selected by the user, only necessary game data can be downloaded, reducing the download capacity and making the game more stable.

In addition, Hiver Ranking has been added to the existing ranking system consisting of total ranking and music ranking. The ranking is determined based on the Hiver Points acquired through card drawing and activities during the ranking calculation period, and users can check their ranking within the artist (group) selected by the user.

Meanwhile, the mobile rhythm game Rhythm Hive, which debuted in the global market in February, has since released Season 1: The Stage, Season 2: Rhy-Quest, and Season 3: Rank Up! Up to now, three large-scale updates were carried out. Currently, you can enjoy the music of BTS, Tomorrow X Together, and ENHYPEN in a variety of ways through live stages, mix challenges, and studio modes.