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S-Rise Co., Ltd., Interpark ‘One-man Media Daejeon’ promotion starts on the 27th | Ruri Web

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Logitech’s official distributor S-Rise (CEO: Sa Seung-mok) announced that it will offer a high discount rate of up to 25% through the Interpark ‘One-person Media Daejeon’ promotion from November 27 to December 3. In addition, through live commerce during the event period, the ‘MZ generation’ specialized in real-time communication is targeted as the target audience, and various information on Logitech participating products and in-depth two-way communication are expected.

Today, we pursue ‘faster, easier’. This desire has led to a desire for content that can be enjoyed anywhere. According to the trend of the times in pursuit of speed and convenience, convenient snack culture contents that are not limited by time and place are gaining popularity.

* Snack Culture: A new cultural trend that enjoys cultural life in a short time, like snacks that can be enjoyed regardless of time and place.

Among the various snack culture contents, it is the ‘one-person media’ contents that stand out. Casting off the rather heavy format of the existing media, content in a more friendly and free way is loved by the public.

One-person media goes beyond just expressing oneself and communicating and interacting with others, and is creating new jobs and new industries. Anyone can easily communicate their ideas to the public, share their opinions, and generate revenue. As such, single-person media provides a variety that has not been seen in terrestrial broadcasting, and forms a more active media culture, having an influence that surpasses existing media.

At this event, you can meet a variety of one-person media tech equipment from Logitech, which is loved for its convenience and high quality satisfaction in the digital ecosystem.

Logitech Blue YETI X, a USB condenser microphone that allows studio-grade home recording with a simple USB Plug & Play connection to a PC, and the Logitech Stream Cam optimized for high-definition streaming of 60 FPS with Full HD resolution. It is a promotional product.

The Logitech Blue Microphone Yeti X (BLUE YETI X) contains the design philosophy that maintains the retro sensibility and identity of the existing Logitech Blue Microphone Yeti (BLUE YETI) as much as possible. With a matte surface that is resistant to fingerprints and oil in dark gray color and a metal housing, it is more robust and more luxurious, and it shows a sharp impression with an angled masturbator.

A total of 4 high-performance coil capsules supporting 24-bit bit depth create a high-quality sound-absorbing environment with excellent sensitivity, and pick up clear and clear sound. Despite boasting studio-level performance, the USB Plug & Play method makes it easy to use even for beginners.

It is useful for creating a comfortable recording environment with a simple interface. Various functions such as sound detection sensitivity, monitoring volume adjustment, and muting can be controlled through the smart dial on the front of the main body, and the amount of audio can be intuitively checked through the customizable LED lighting.

Logitech Blue Microphone Yeti X (BLUE YETI X) supports a total of four pickup patterns: unidirectional, omnidirectional, bidirectional and stereo mode. Thanks to this, it can be widely used not only for single-person content, but also for content creation with multiple people, such as podcasts, live performances, and interviews.

With dedicated software G-HUB and Blue VO!CE, not only the use of presets, but also pro studio-grade tuning options are supported, enabling detailed sound customization to suit individual tastes.

Logitech Stream Cam is compatible with real-time streaming as well as non-face-to-face online classes, video calls, and various business video conferencing applications, which have become more active in the untact era, and can be used in all weather conditions. The premium dual microphone is mounted on the front, so it is convenient to use it for voice recording without a separate microphone. By utilizing the dedicated software Logitech Capture, it responds itself to changes in the surrounding environment (illuminance) by the built-in AI. It supports facial recognition smart autofocus function and exposure adjustment function to accurately focus.

In addition, various webcam control functions are supported, such as full HD vertical video shooting with a 9:16 ratio suitable for uploading to SNS such as Instagram, electronic image stabilization, interlocking multiple cameras, real-time text overlay, and scene transition effects.

Logitech Stream Cam can be selected from two colors, black and white, and it is connected with a USB-C type 3.1 cable to support stability and fast video transmission speed.

At this event held at Interpark, Logitech Blue Microphone Yeti X and Logitech Stream Cam can be found individually or as a package product, ▲Microphone Foam Cover, ▲Blue Muji Note, ▲USB-C Type Gender It is attracting a lot of attention from ‘smart consumers’ who dream of producing one-person media by providing differentiated gifts for each product.

S-Rise x Logitech x Interpark One-person Media Competition promotion can be checked in more detail on the relevant exhibition page.

Reporter Yoo Dong-shik [email protected]

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