Saturday, November 27

This year, e-Fun 2021 will be held! Global Game Culture Festival in Daegu begins on the 28th

Daegu Metropolitan City(Mayor Youngjin Kwon)is hosted by (re)Daegu Digital Industry Promotion Agency(Director Kim Yoo-hyeon)‘Daegu Global Game Culture Festival’ hosted by e-Fun 2021‘This is coming 28puts a grand curtain on.

This year, unlike in the past, it will be held for only one day in order to thoroughly comply with the quarantine rules in the Weed Corona situation., Citizens can participate eKyungpook National University Daegu Campus2Welcoming visitors at the gym.

The opening ceremony and the event will be hosted by comedian ‘Han Min-gwan’, which will heighten the atmosphere of the festival with his witty talk., Girl group ‘LABOUM’ plans to present a stage full of sights, including a celebratory performance..

After League of Legends, fifa online 4, Tales Runner, etc. 3The total prize money will be awarded to the finalists who went through intense preliminary rounds in various events. 1,000bet a million dollars, 3, 4The long-awaited final will be played.

In addition, along with a talk concert by a famous pro gamer Ambition eThere is also an event match with the winning team of the League of Legends, so expectations are higher than ever..

In addition, in order to appease the regrets of game fans who cannot attend this tournament, the atmosphere of the field is captured in Africa.TV, twitch, Twitter, Live broadcast on YouTube, etc..

In addition, useful information is provided to visitors through the Daegu game company’s Talent Recruitment Center., It plans to continue its reputation as the longest-running game show in Korea that is both fun and informative..

‘Daegu Global Game Culture Festival e-Fun 2021‘ Visit the official website for more information and application..

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