Tuesday, November 30

Trial of NFT game products, direct verification by the court

The court decided to verify NFT game products. Direct court verification will take effect on March 18, 2022. In addition, there was an atmosphere in which the court felt burdened by the NFT game ‘No. 1 case’.

On the 26th, the 4th division of the Seoul Administrative Court held the second pleading of the ‘Summary of Revocation of Revocation of Rating Decision’ filed by SkyPeople against the Game Management Committee. On this day, the plaintiff and the defendant agreed to directly verify the controversial game ‘Five Stars for Klaytn’ without making any special claims or rebuttals.

Previously, the defendant game management committee applied for fact inquiry to Pearl Abyss, NCsoft, Netmarble, Nexon, and Kakao Games. From the game committee’s point of view, this is to prove how ‘Five Stars’ with NFT function is different from the game products of game companies that applied for fact inquiry.

In response, the plaintiff SkyPeople applied for fact inquiry to Super Planet, Neowiz, Qroad, and Mapgames, in addition to the game companies to which the Game Commission applied for fact inquiry. SkyPeople is trying to show that the gameplay of ‘Five Stars’ is not much different from the game companies that applied for fact inquiry.

The game companies that have submitted a fact-finding opinion to the court are Pearl Abyss, Netmarble, NCsoft, and Nexon. The opinions given to the court by these game companies were not disclosed at the trial.

As the court took charge of the ‘No. 1 case’ related to the in-game NFT permit, a feeling of pressure was sensed. An official from the Game Committee said, “The court seems to be a little burdened as the matter grows.” A Sky People official also said, “The court seems to feel burdened by the situation in which the government’s position is not properly determined.” “This trial has become the ‘No. .

The opinions submitted by the Game Committee to the Financial Services Commission did not play a special role. An official from the Game Committee said, “The Financial Services Commission has made an opinion that NFTs are virtual assets and should be individually checked without concluding that NFTs are virtual assets.”

The results of ‘Case No. 1’ are expected to come out somewhat later. The next hearing is now set for March of next year. There is usually a court personnel change between January and February. The judges in charge may also change in this regard. An official from SkyPeople predicted, “The pleadings will be held in March of next year, and if it goes on after that, won’t a conclusion be reached around Chuseok?”

Sky People is in the position of going to the end. An official from SkyPeople said, “What we want is to allow the new technology part.” He said, “The world accepts blockchain and NFT technology, but it’s a pity that our country is blocking it.” He added, “In a way, we have something we can handle as the number one,” he added.


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