True Three Kingdoms Warriors 8 Empires decides to distribute the latest information and trial version

Data provided – Digital Touch

Digital Touch (CEO Jeong Seong-heon) is available on PlayStation5 and PlayStation4 in connection with Koei Tecmo Games’ tactical action game ‘Jin Samguk Warriors 8 Empires’. Nintendo Switch has announced that it has decided to distribute a trial version. The exact release date will be revealed at a later date.

In addition, prior to the distribution of the trial version, the latest information, such as in-game scenarios, introductions of various play styles, and human dramas with warlords, was released.

In the trial version, you can enjoy content such as an evolved editing mode and a new battle siege. In siege warfare, you can enjoy both an invasion warfare to attack the enemy’s castle and a defense warfare to protect an ally’s castle while serving as both tutorials. The siege of this trial version consists of high-difficulty battles that start in a slightly unfavorable situation, so you can find the fun of finding your own strategy while playing repeatedly.

Although the editing mode has limitations in some functions, such as voice and action, you can quickly experience the content equivalent to the product version one step at a time, and you can make your own editing armament carefully over time. The editing armament created in this trial version can be used continuously as the product version.

In the main part of the game, other scenarios of the era, such as ‘The Rebellion of the Yellow Emperor’ and ‘The Battle of Red Cliffs’, are prepared and can be played in various situations. Also, in certain scenarios, special historical event battles may occur when conditions are met.

More information about the game can be found on the official website of Koei Tecmo Games.