Wemade Max decided to incorporate Wemade Next as a subsidiary

Materials provided – Wemade

Wemade Max (co-representatives Jang Hyun-guk and Lee Gil-hyeong) decided to incorporate the ‘Mir 4’ developer Wemade Next (CEO Park Jung-soo) as a subsidiary.

Today (26th), WeMade Max held a board meeting and decided to incorporate WeMade Next, the developer of ‘Mir 4’, as a wholly owned subsidiary through a comprehensive stock exchange.

Through this comprehensive stock exchange, ‘Mir 4’, which has achieved commercial success, plans to strengthen its game development capabilities and improve management efficiency.

Wemade Next is a developer of ‘Mir 4’, which is celebrating its first anniversary of service, and is currently a leader in creating a block-chain game sensation with unprecedented success in 170 countries around the world.

Wemade Max, which declared its transition to a blockchain game developer in September, declared that it applied blockchain technology to all games developed by its affiliates.

Wemade CEO Jang Hyun-guk said, “Wemade Max has now become a large-scale M&A platform.