What are you playing, Géraldine? – “World of Horror is terrifyingly immersive”

Géraldine swears by the World of Horror. On the podcast you can hear why she plays it over and over again.

Own podcast: “What do you play like?” Has grown up and is now a separate podcast, no longer part of the “old” GameStar podcast. Below you will find all the links where you can subscribe to “What do you play like?”

There are abysses that should never be looked down because they overwhelm the human mind’s imagination to the point of going mad. One of these abysses is Géraldine Hohmann’s taste for games.

But this time we’re making an exception. After all, this podcast is used to start 15-minute expeditions into strangers’ heads and find out what our editorial members actually play in private.

Géraldine has brought you horror, more precisely: World of Horror, a role-playing game in black and white pixel optics, to which she owes such fantastic experiences that she starts over and over again.

Why, she tells you in the podcast:

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