Portal player turns Battlefield 2042 into a hardcore shooter

Are you missing in Battlefield 2042 just that little bit of squad DNA? Then YouTuber Karmakut’s Milsim server could be your pair of combat boots. The video creator, known for hardcore shooters, created a realistic game experience in Battlefield Portal that gets by without any bells and whistles.

No user interface, no artificial crosshairs, extremely short life expectancy: all characteristics of modern hardcore shooters, just based on the technology of Battlefield 2042. In the video, Karmakut shows a lot of gameplay that could also come from a future Squad 2 – provided the developers had somehow received the license for the Frostbite engine.

See for yourself:

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Dare to be more realism

While UI elements and longer time to kill have their advantages to get a more relaxed gaming experience, fans of realism in particular should be happy about the Mil-Sim version of Battlefield 2042. In any case, we find the result astonishing.

As you can see in the gameplay video above, this is popular Run&Gun, so relaxed running around and shooting, hardly possible in the hardcore version of the multiplayer shooter. One would bless the temporal far too quickly. The YouTuber also spends most of the time in cover, in vehicles or carefully peers into the landscape in order to fight opponents at great distances with his precision rifle.

By the way, Karmakut uses the basic structure of Battlefield 3 for the Mil-Sim-Server in Battlefield 2042, which makes the scenery look even more realistic thanks to Humvee vehicles and authentic weapons. Incidentally, Rush is played, which is not easily recognizable at first glance due to the lack of target markings.

Get pleasure yourself? If you want to start playing right away, you should be able to do so by the time this article is published. Just look it up in the Battlefield Portal Karma Community Milsim BF3 Rush – then the server should show up. Thanks to the reach of the YouTuber, our attempt even found an almost full server on which the maps Battle of the Bulge and El-Alamein were played.

Battlefield under fire

Battlefield 2042 was released on November 19, 2021, but looks unfinished in its current state. The criticism is correspondingly polyphonic, as in our test of Battlefield 2042. Developer DICE is already busy patching and the updates are showing an initial positive effect:

Patch 2 is a step in the right direction, but ...


Battlefield 2042

Patch 2 is a step in the right direction, but …

What do you think of the hardcore version of Battlefield 2042? Does realistic gameplay suit your taste or is that just too bitter for you? Share your opinion in the comments!