Battlefield 2042: Unofficial Battle Royale is surprisingly complex

It has long been speculated whether Hazard Zone will become a Battle Royale for Battlefield 2042. In the meantime, of course, it turned out – well, not really. And according to the developers, it shouldn’t be possible to simply build the mode in Portal yourself. But Reddit users chbmg did it anyway.

Warfield 100 is the name of the fan mode, the reference to Warzone is no coincidence: Even in the unofficial Battlefield Battle Royale, you jump with the parachute over an arena in which a circle is getting closer and closer – and there is even a gulag. Sorry, prison.

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What’s in Warfield 100?

This is how the mode works: There is space for up to 100 players in the lobby, each fighting for himself. Before the actual match there is a preliminary round in which you can collect a few kills and XP. Then the lap starts with a parachute jump – so far, so Warzone.

The arena is gradually getting smaller, a blue circle (PUBG sends its regards!) Is gradually contracting. Anyone standing outside suffers damage. Loot is distributed randomly in Warfield 100, typical of the genre you start with a pistol and a grenade.

If you die, you can fight for a second chance in prison. This can be done up to three times, but becomes more difficult with each death. If you go down for the fourth time, you will be kicked out of the match.

Which Battle Royale is right for me?


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Which Battle Royale is right for me?

How to play Warfield 100 yourself: Searches for the server “Warfield” (the full name is “Warfield 100 – Battle Royale”). To host a round yourself, enter this code: AAGDWA. Without the point, of course. Of course, you can also join an ongoing match, but you are only allowed to watch passively if you join after the preliminary round.

There are these restrictions: Because Portal is not really intended to build a Battle Royale, chbmg had to improvise in some places. For example, all players die after the preliminary round and then respawn into the correct match. Loot is invisible, but is displayed in the HUD. When you see “On Loot” you have to press the crouch button three times to pick it up.

When there aren’t enough human players, the lobby is filled with bots. Because they cannot take up loot, they are given a random weapon directly in their hands.

Battlefield Portal – View screenshots from the Sandbox mode of Battlefield 2042

Unfortunately there is also a serious bug in Warfield 100. If you leave the game – regardless of whether you drop out after the preliminary round or see the match through to the end – Battlefield Portal tends to crash completely. According to chbmg, a fix is ​​planned for this. You can read all information about the mode and its limitations here on Reddit.

Editor and Battlefield tester Dimi is sure that Hazard Zone won’t turn into a Warzone killer. This is mainly due to the fact that the mode has created far too large access barriers:

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The new portal mode allows players to let off steam creatively. For example, by turning Battlefield 2042 into a real hardcore shooter.