Jurassic World: Evolution 2 – Modder replaces dinosaurs with Ice Age characters

The recently released dinosaur park construction simulator Jurassic World: Evolution 2 impresses with a wide range of dinosaurs, complex and multi-layered posture and economic systems as well as pretty graphics and the original English speakers. None of this seems to have been enough for a fan, which is why he lend a hand himself.

There is already a mod for on the Nexusmods website Jurassic World: Evolution 2 (buy now 49,99 € /59,99 € ), who turned some of the sometimes tame, sometimes dangerous prehistoric animals into characters Ice Age transformed. Thematically, of course, quite appropriate, but the idea of Scrat, Manny and Co. in the serious dinosaur park it is rather bizarre.

The Ice Age has dawned in Jurassic World: Evolution 2

The mod comes from NanoLacencis and can on Nexusmods can be downloaded for free. There are also some pictures of what it looks like in the game, but you can also click on it YouTube look at. There has users Wondersgta Gaming already uploaded some videos to the different Ice Age skins to put on the show.

Of course you can admire them there three protagonists Manny, Sid and Diego as well as the secret star of the series, Scrat. In the short videos you can see the primeval inhabitants from their best side and which dinosaurs they replace will be revealed in a moment. The Nasutoceratops becomes the Mammut Manny, the Chungkingosaurus for Säbelzahntiger Diego, the homalocephale to the Faultier Sid and the compy for Squirrel Scrat.

Visually, the skins are already very impressive, but they are coming without sound effects therefore. So if you want to completely immerse yourself in the Ice Are universe, you have to turn on one of the films on the side. Speaking of Ice Age: Despite its many years of existence, the series has not yet died out. It was on Disney Plus Day two weeks ago a new spin-off announced.

Those: Ice Age-Mod bei Nexusmods / Wondersgta Gaming on YouTube

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