The Game Awards: Xbox boss Phil Spencer reveals his game of the year

The Game Awards are just around the corner and because it is only about a week and a half before the actual celebrations, it remains not much time left to vote. And while some are still struggling with which game actually deserved the title “Game of the Year” for them, others have long since made up their minds.

Even Xbox-Chef Phil Spencer belongs to the second group and has his personal game of the year now publicly announced. Despite record-breaking profits and fast corners, contrary to possible suspicions, this is not Forza Horizon 5. In one Video with Larry Hyrb, the program director for Microsoft’s Xbox Live, Spencer lets the real cat out of the bag and announces: Psychonauts 2 is his Game of the Year.

Double Fines irrer Trip ist Phil Spencers Game of the Year

From around 7:40 am, Spencer chats with Hyrb about the titles released this year and doesn’t talk about his favorite game of the year for long: “To be honest, [Psychonauts 2] is probably my game of the year, a simply fantastic game. As a fan of Double Fine, I think it’s the best game they’ve ever made. ” Our editor and tester Felix is ‚Äč‚Äčcompletely with him, as he gave the game a smooth 9/10.

As Spencer continues, was also the predecessor is still worth the trip: “Before Psychonauts 2 was released, I went through the backwards compatible games and played through the original Psychonauts and relived those moments – I was so impressed how well it held up.”

Psychonauts 2 is also with the Game Awards one of the nominated games for the title Game of the Year. Besides the crazy trip from Double Fine are also Deathloop, It Takes Two, Metroid Dread, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart sowie Resident Evil Village nominated. We will find out which of the video games will then win the prize on 9th of December at the Game Awards 2021.

Those: Larry Hyrb, Xbox’s Major Nelson auf YouTube

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