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Sega Publishing Korea (CEO, Saito Go) announced that the Nintendo Switch™ software 『13 Cavalry Defense Right』 will be released on April 14, 2022 (Thursday).

What is 『13 Cavalry Defense Right』?

A group drama of 13 boys and girls that transcends past and future time and space.

After it was released on PlayStation®4 on November 28, 2019 (March 19, 2020 in Asia), the evaluation and reputation of the unpredictable and dense story expanded enough to think that “I want to erase my memories and play again from the beginning” and has won many awards at home and abroad.

An adventure game that has become a hot topic in the entertainment industry, such as game creators and videographers.

In response to the many opinions of ‘I want to play on a portable device’, the Nintendo Switch version will appear on Thursday, April 14, 2022.



In 1985, 13 boys and girls, a ‘monster’ who suddenly flew like a meteorite, ride a giant robot called ‘weapon’ and face the ‘fate of destruction’ beyond time.


There are 13 protagonists. Digging up the story of everyone will reveal the true nature of the world—

[게임 시스템]

The story is divided into three parts: ‘Destruction’, ‘Reminiscence’, and ‘Investigation’.

The adventure part ‘Reminiscence’, which explores the truth of “the fate of ruin” through events that occur in everyday life. “Corruption”, a battle part that fights monsters and protects the world on “cavalry”, and “Explore”, where you can enjoy story reminiscences and reflections with event archives and mystery files.





Nintendo Switch version is a super special price all-in-one package

PlayStation®4 download luxury version bonus “Digital Secret File” & first-order purchase bonus “Digital Artworks” are all included.

The package version is a ‘new illustration reversible jacket’ specification.



“Please understand that the contents of the DLC bonus are in Japanese.”

DLC Bonus ① “Digital Secret File”

“1980s magazine-style articles”, “new illustrations”, “maze”, etc.

A digital booklet of ‘Vanillaware Production’ on the previous page.” A total of 132 pages including ‘initial design of characters’, etc.

DLC Bonus ② “Digital Artworks”

A “moving” digital art book where you can browse/replay character animations (including data not recorded in the game), and see life-size illustrations! In addition, a total of 9 points have been newly added, including a luxurious image illustration drawn after the release of other models + a new reversible jacket illustration as a bonus for the Nintendo Switch package version.

Package version bonus “New illustration reversible jacket”

The package is a reversible specification! New illustration on the back

Additional elements in the Nintendo Switch version of the game


Added 2 types of weapons that can be used in the battle of ‘Collapse’ per protagonist (26 types in total).

Some common weapons included



[영어 음성]

Added English voice to voice during game. You can change to Japanese/English voice.

Official website & promotional video released

Official website of Nintendo Switch “13 Cavalry Defense” opened

Information such as game outline, character introduction, and preview reading of the bonus DLC (to be released sequentially) will be posted.

Official website: http://segagames.co.kr/13sar/switch

In addition, a ‘promotional video’ introducing the charm of this title is also released.

The game screen is the Japanese version, and it will be released in Korean.



【product information】

title name: 13 cavalry defense

platform: Nintendo Switch™

release date: Released on April 14, 2022

Expected Consumer Price: 64,800 won

language: Korean subtitles/Japanese audio

genre: dramatic adventure

number of players: 1 person

Usage level: To be considered

right notation: ©ATLUS ©SEGA All rights reserved.

official website: http://segagames.co.kr/13sar/switch

Asian portal site: https://asia.sega.com/kr/

Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/segapk

Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/segapk/

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