Action Square Launches New P2E ‘Blade: RE.ACTION’ and Game Token on Wemix Platform | Ruri Web

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Action RPG (role-playing game) masterpiece ‘Blade’ IP (intellectual property)-based blockchain P2E (Play to earn) new mobile game ‘Blade: RE.ACTION’ released the name and logo and announced the release.

It also announced on the 29th that onboarding to the WEMIX platform, ‘ACT2CO’ (tentative name), a game token to be used in its own games, including ‘Blade: Reaction’, will also be released.

This new ‘Blade: Reaction’ will be onboarded to WeMade’s blockchain platform WEMIX and serviced in all regions of the world except Korea, mainland China and Singapore, and will be released in the first half of next year.

This project is the first official step since Action Square and Wemade announced a cooperative relationship through strategic equity investment, and this is the first case in which Action Square’s game tokens are issued on the Wemix platform.

Through this, users can acquire ‘ACT2CO’ (tentative name) just by enjoying ‘Blade: Reaction’, and use this to purchase or trade game items, and exchange various contents such as NFTs for Wemix credits. will be made available.

In addition, ‘ACT2CO’ (tentative name) supports exchange with WEMIX through the DEX exchange system of the WEMIX platform or with various game tokens within the Wemix ecosystem, providing a unique fun unique to P2E games. plans to provide

The new ‘Blade: Reaction’ is the latest work in the continuation of the Blade series, Action Square’s signature IP, and boasts high-quality graphics, overwhelming action, and a sense of impact. It said that it will use its know-how to show an upgraded combat system and action.

Meanwhile, ‘Blade: Reaction’ aims to be launched globally in the first half of next year, and information on ‘Blade: Reaction’ and game token ‘ACT2CO’ (tentative name) will be released later through the official website. am.

Kim Yeon-jun, CEO of Action Square, said, “I am very pleased to be able to present the action masterpiece ‘Blade: Reaction’ as a P2E game in partnership with Wemade, a famous block chain game company. will continue to conduct blockchain business.”

Wemade CEO Jang Hyeon-guk said, “We have high expectations for Action Square, which has presented outstanding action games one after another, to participate in the Wemix ecosystem as a highly anticipated work.

Meanwhile, Action Square is a famous action game that made ‘Blade’, which received the Korea Game Grand Prize for the first time in the history of mobile games. etc. will be introduced on a multi-platform basis.

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]