Attack with 4 cube heroes, ‘Dungeon Cube’ released on the 29th

Data provided – YH database

YH Database (CEO Choi Dae-ryong) announced on the 29th that it will officially service the new mobile game ‘Dungeon Cube’ in Korea.

‘Dungeon Cube’ is a half-real-time single rogue-lite RPG game that adds the advantages of turn-based and real-time. You can explore the dungeon by forming a party of 4 heroes out of a number of cube-shaped heroes full of personality. The unique difference of ‘Dungeon Cube’ is the play method of attacking the dungeon by simultaneously manipulating 4 heroes with a simple method using only the arrow keys.

‘Dungeon Cube’ uses a turn-based half real-time in which time flows in the game when the user moves. As it is a half-real-time play method, it is also an attractive point that you can attack the dungeon more easily if you understand the characteristics of the monsters that move with a certain pattern. In addition, the huge bosses appearing in the dungeon have their own powerful and unique patterns, so you can feel a different kind of fun in attacking them.

‘Dungeon Cube’ has a configuration in which a different map and new monsters appear every time you play the game, and users can customize the difficulty of the stage to enjoy more variety and fun with more rewards. As the difficulty increases, users can grow each character, and they can also grow cubes that are helpful for dungeon play, making it easier to attack dungeons.

YH Database pays generous rewards upon opening, such as sharing your review on SNS after playing the game ahead of the official release of ‘Dungeon Cube’ in Korea, or paying ‘hamburger gift certificates’ through authentication at Dungeon Cube Naver Cafe. conduct events.

In addition, we prepared discounts for products in the in-game store and rewards according to the stage progress, and as we prepared many gifts and rewards, “users can enjoy the differentiated fun of ‘Dungeon Cube’ and enjoy playing. I hope,” he said.

Meanwhile, YH Database announced that it plans to continuously update various characters and contents starting on November 29th.