Billy Billy, Joy City’s new ‘Project M’ global service

Data provided – Joy City

Joy City (CEO Cho Seong-won) announced on the 29th that it has signed a global publishing contract for the new ‘Project M’ developed by global game publisher Billy Billy and its subsidiary Mojito Games (CEO Han Seong-hyun).

Founded in 2009, Bilibili is a subculture platform operator and global publisher representing China’s Generation Z, and was listed on the Nasdaq in 2018.

In addition, subculture genre games such as ‘Azur Lane’ and ‘Myungil Ark’ have been successful in succession, solidifying their position as the largest global publisher in the field.

With this contract, Joy City will collaborate with Billy Billy to introduce ‘Project M’ to the global market including Japan, the largest subculture genre, and the United States and Korea.

‘Project M’ is an RPG that fosters beautiful girls and tells the story of adventures in a new world after a dystopia in the near future. After first appearing at the 2020 Joy City new release, it has attracted attention with its high-quality graphics and attractive characters.

Users can collect and grow the characters of ‘Project M’, and they change into various styles according to the direction of the academy content development. In addition, various strategies can be used through the system that can be combined with various combinations, and the immersion of the battle has been increased by directing full of personality.

Joy City aims to meet the expectations of global users by working closely with Billy Billy for the successful launch of ‘Project M’ and utilizing the core capabilities of both companies.

Billy Billy said that it would deliver the fun of ‘Project M’ with the highest priority for satisfaction of game users with the service know-how and publishing experience it has accumulated over the years.

Mojito Games, the developer, plans to further enhance the game’s completeness and optimization by spurring the remaining period of development based on the technology it has accumulated in the subculture and strategy genres.

Joycity CEO Cho Seong-won said, “‘Project M’ is a work that mobilized all of its capabilities to show a new level of fun beyond the existing pretty girl nurturing RPG, aiming for success in the global subculture market from the beginning of planning.” We will do our best to achieve great results in the global market by adding deep understanding and know-how to the subculture genre of the major publisher Billy Billy.”