Bioshock 4: Leak with name and details about the new shooter

A possible one Leak to the next Bioshock, also Bioshock 4, that for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X will appear, makes the rounds. This contains some interesting details about the first person shooter. Among other things, it is about the official name as well as some other aspects.

Leak to Bioshock 4?

The information is on the Twitter channel of “Oops Leaks” to find, which had already appeared several times through rumors and advance information. However, in the latest tweet no specific source called for the leak.

What is Bioshock Isolation

According to the tweet, the new title should Bioshock: Isolation mean. the official announcement including tangible information is supposedly for that first quarter of 2022 planned, i.e. within the next three to four months. According to the leak, the game is located in two completely new cities, which are mirrored horizontally on top of each other.

The city above is therefore very rich and is run by a successful entrepreneur. According to a graphic, the counterpart is a kind of underground city that is under the thumb of a dictator. It seems that there is something between the two cities a military conflict.

Bioshock: According to the leak, isolation relies on the Unreal Engine 5what was previously suspected. The development team includes both Irrational Games veterans and people who worked on Watch Dogs Legion, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and Mafia 3.

An opinion or even Confirmation of the leak by 2K Games is still pending. We may already know a little more in the first quarter of next year.

Those: Twitter

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