Blockchain platform Gala Games, ‘Ozzy’ MOU

Materials provided – Gala Games

One of the blockchain game platforms, Gala Games, signed an MOU with Ozys on November 18 to expand the blockchain ecosystem.

The two companies have a strategy to gather forces to grow as the world’s largest blockchain game platform by presenting a new connection point between games and decentralized finance through NFT, Metaverse, and DeFi in the global market. In addition, starting with the Spider Tank esports World Cup on the 28th, they actively discussed ways to cooperate in domestic and overseas marketing, and announced that they would invest 1 billion dollars in the domestic blockchain game market.

With this collaboration, Gala Games plans to expand the ecosystem to heterogeneous chains, not limited to Ethereum and BSC, through OZYS’ Orbit Bridge. On the 28th, the 1st Spider Tank Esports World Cup was held in Seoul and announced that it would enter the Klaytn ecosystem through KLAYswap. ERC-20 network tokens can now be converted to KCT-based KGALA through the Orbit Bridge. In addition, it was announced that an AirDrop event will be held through Drops of Klayswap, the largest DeFi protocol based on Klaytn, and a new liquidity pair will be added.

Gala Games is a blockchain game platform established by Eric Schermeier, co-founder of Zynga, and features users directly participating in platform operation. It is listed on Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, and is experiencing explosive growth. After signing an MOU with OZYS on the 18th, the market capitalization doubled to reach $5.2 billion in a week, and it has established itself as a representative game platform in the Ethereum and BSC ecosystems.

Gala Games currently has about 1.8 million monthly users, and it has all the competitive requirements necessary to secure next-generation growth engines in the recent game industry, such as P2E game platform and NFT item transaction support. When entering the Klaytn mainnet, it is expected to show potential for earnings growth by influencing new users and activating transactions.

Clay Swap is a De-Fi service based on Kakao’s blockchain platform Klaytn. receive Not long ago, Bora coin bridged and supported the stable transfer and growth of the Klaytn ecosystem through the formation of a liquidity pool.

When GALA token liquidity is supplied to Clayswap, a decentralized (DEX) exchange, it can be traded as a swap in the liquidity pool, and KSP staking users are provided with an airdrop opportunity according to the amount of deposit.