Buy PS5: Every Media Markt & Saturn gets 50 consoles

Of the Black Friday is over and now it’s time for the dealers Christmas sales. The players also hope that they will have new opportunities for a PS5 can be obtained. We’ll tell you where there might be more supplies soon.

Buy PS5 from Amazon

In fact, the shipping giant has always been there with new deliveries in the past few months. Only in November 2021, not a single new console has yet been sold. Precisely because of this, it could be new again soon PS5 units on Amazon that will be delivered even before Christmas. As with the last sales campaigns, we probably have it again this time Prime members the right of way.

Buy PS5 at Media Markt and Saturn

After it was last Thursday already Reports about a hidden Vorbestellaktion at Saturn has given, the dealer now seems to be offering 50 consoles per market, which will then be available from December 20, 2021 can be picked up. Also at Media market this action has started. There was already huge interest at the weekend – but a visit to the local market could still be worthwhile.

Buy PS5 from Expert

In addition to the top favorite Amazon, another retailer has not had a PS5 console on offer for a long time. It was about Expertthat last had new supplies over a month ago. Again, players should keep an eye on it.

Buy PS5 from PlayStation Direct

PSN users should also check their own email inbox regularly. Here there could be invitations to buy a PS5 console in the new one PlayStation Direct Store give. A first sale took place here around two weeks ago.

Where can I buy the PS5? Here is our watchlist


Other PS5 dealers

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