Call of Duty Vanguard: BAR – Best Essays, Values ​​& Loadout

The BAR is one of the most popular assault rifles in CoD Vanguard, but how good is it really? In the following we will tell you which essays are the best and which setups you should play.

The standard values ​​from the BAR

Important: Before we start with the values, you have to know that the data is a BAR without essays. So it’s them Default values ​​of the weapon.

Damage and rate of fire

That BAR distributes the Damage points:

  • Torsoschaden: 44 or 33, depending on the distance.
  • Limb damage: 40 or 31, depending on the distance.
  • 3 – 4 shots for a kill.
  • A Headshots deal 61-46 damage. Regardless of the distance, you always need a head hit to reduce the number of volleys required for a kill to 2.

the Rate of fire amounts to 400 RPM („Rounds Pis Minute “), ie slower than the STG44, the robot and the AS44. the Standard-TTK („tname tO kill “) is included 300-450ms. If you should get a head hit, the TTK drops to 150ms.

Distance and projectile speed

Up to a distance of about 64 meters can you one Received a 3-hit kill. At a greater distance you need 4 hits for a kill.

the Projectile speed is 885M/S, as with any other assault rifle.

Recoil control, reload time and aiming device speed

The bar has virtually no horizontal recoil. It pulls vertically, straight up. In addition, there are no large, vertical jumps between the volleys. The recoil is extremely easy to handle.

the Reload time the weapon is included 1.94 seconds, which is slower than average for assault rifles. Note, however, that this is the “ADD time”. What does ADD time mean? The ammunition has already been reloaded, but the reloading animation can continue. As soon as your ammunition has been added in the lower right-hand corner of the screen, the ADD time for reloading is over.

the ZV target speed lies by 315ms, which is slower than the average of assault rifles.

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Essay strategy and setup tips

BAR setup for high damage with stealth

  • Mouth: Mercury silencer
  • Run:
  • Visor: Slate reflector or another visor of your choice
  • Shaft: Shaft removed
  • Lower course: M3 readiness handle
  • Magazin: .50 BMG magazine (30 rounds)
  • Munitionstyp: Full jacket ammunition
  • Griff: Leather handle
  • Skill: Focus
  • Kit: Fully charged

You will hereby be on a Distance up to 71m always get a kill with only 2 volleysno matter where you meet. The TTK is therefore 165 ms. In addition, the weapon is even more precise and has a good “penalty speed” thanks to the attachments. Important is, however, that you also play the BAR as an assault rifle. You shouldn’t rush with this and use it as a kind of submachine gun.

With these attachments, the BAR is one of the best weapons in CoD Vanguard.
With these attachments, the BAR is one of the best weapons in the game.

With the right attachments, the BAR is an absolute beast. What do you think of the assault rifle? Please write us in the comments, we are interested in your opinion. If you want to get a deeper insight into the weapon, you should watch the video from YouTuber and CoD expert TheXclusiveAce:

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