Daewon Media-Seven-Eleven Launches ‘Armored Saurus’ Collaboration Chicken Nuggets | Ruri Web

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– Daewon Media, “Expansion of customized OSMU for main audience”

While the VFX animation ‘Armored Saurus’ of Daewon Media (048910 Representatives Jeong Wook, Jung Dong-hoon), a representative culture and content company in Korea, is being popularly aired on various video platforms such as SBS, Watcha, and Netflix, OSMU using the IP of ‘Armored Saurus’ The business is on track.

Daewon Media introduces the ‘Armored Saurus’ F&B product through collaboration with Korea Seven (CEO Choi Kyung-ho), which operates a convenience store ‘7-Eleven’. This was the background of the MOU between the two companies that was signed in July for the purpose of commercialization business and collaboration of character IP.

On the 30th, ‘Armored Saurus’ collaboration chicken nuggets will be released at 3,800 7-Eleven stores nationwide. This collaboration product will be produced in a limited quantity of 100,000 pieces, and additional gift events for purchasers will also be held. After that, Daewon Media and 7-Eleven are expected to continue cooperation in various forms of ‘Armored Saurus’-related business in the future.

In particular, ‘Armored Saurus’ confirmed the hot love from viewers as it achieved first place in the kids section on the day of the first Netflix service (the 12th). In line with this, as interest in Korean video content is increasing in overseas markets, the industry’s interest in global business development is expected to increase in the future.

According to the current toy distribution industry, Armored Saurus is predicted as content that will relieve the stagnation of the toy market due to COVID-19, and it seems to be receiving a lot of attention as it receives various love calls from related companies.

An official from Daewon Media said, “One of the key businesses of the kids target IP business is the toy business, and the release of Armored Saurus toys is imminent. The lineup is preparing for release, and it will be released sequentially in various forms, starting with the Christmas season in December and until May next year, when Children’s Day is celebrated.”

Meanwhile, ‘Armored Saurus’ is scheduled to be aired on cable channels as well as terrestrial and OTT from December. Four game businesses using the IP of ‘Armored Saurus’ have also been signed, and they are scheduled to be released sequentially from 2022.

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]