Farming Simulator 22: More players than Battlefield 2042

Of the Farming Simulator 22 is currently more popular on Steam than blockbuster games like Battlefield 2042. This does not only apply to the placement in the current sales charts, but also for the number of players. Last but not least, this is shown by the current statistics of

Where does Farming Simulator 22 come out on top?

It shows that Farming Simulator 22 has reached a peak of 105,636 simultaneously active players in the past ten days. This is a considerable number in itself, but also means a triumph over other current blockbuster games.

So came the first-person shooter Battlefield 2042 in the same period to a peak of 105,397 simultaneously active players, which is slightly less. Even such long-running favorites as Rainbow Six Siege did not come close to this value. But it was not enough to get into the top 10, which are still led by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2 & Co.

Furthermore, it should be said at this point that die PC-Version Battlefield 2042 is not exclusively available via Steam, but also at Origin is available. The number listed above therefore does not represent the total number of simultaneously active PC players.

Farming Simulator 22 is well received

Another indication that the latest episode in the popular simulation series is appealing to fans is customer reviews previously published on Steam. 81 percent of the more than 7,400 reviews are positive and praise the 22 offshoot. This results in a “very positive” rating picture.


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