‘FIFA Online 4’ with roster update applied, jumps to 3rd place

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It’s time to check out the game rankings of the week. ‘FIFA Online 4’ will update its roster in the second half of 2021, and its ranking has risen in three stages. Through this update, new class and icon class players were released, and Ronaldo, a legendary football player, appeared and became a hot topic. The collaboration access event that was held in line with the new update also contributed to raising the game rankings. You can get various rewards just by logging in and playing the 3rd edition every day, which has had an impact on maintaining the number of concurrent users and users.

‘Dungeon & Fighter’ achieved a 1st rank rise in the character and chat window renewal update on the 24th. This update brings a number of character improvements, changes that affect character rankings, and more. On the other hand, ‘Dungeon & Fighter’ announced the news of the ‘2021 Dunpa Festival (hereafter Dunfe)’ on December 19th. Dunfe is a major event of ‘Dungeon & Fighter’ held every year, and various information is disclosed. The rankings appear to have been affected by the expectations of the new announcement.

‘Black Desert’ has finished the 2021 season +, while the new mini-game ‘Yar!’ and various fixes have been updated and the ranking has risen by one level. The Yar game is a mini-game that completes the genealogy by drawing cards like poker, and features easy rules and convenience to enjoy regardless of distance. In addition, information about the winter season, which starts on December 15th, is being released little by little. From the 2021 winter season, you will be able to see the new look of the 17th class.

Some games have climbed the ranks with unique login events. ‘World of Tanks’ has risen to 4 ranks with the 2021 annual reward event where you can acquire rewards according to the membership period. When players log in to the game, they get personal supplies, premium accounts, and exclusive customization elements based on their age of subscription, and the older they get, the more rewards they receive. Users with 4 or more years of experience can receive a tier 6 tank, and returnees continue to visit.

■ FIFA Online 4 – 2021 second half roster update

‘FIFA Online 4’ progressed through the roster update on the 25th, and the ranking rose by 3 stages and settled in 3rd place. As this is a large-scale update that occurs every year, various contents have been added this year as well, drawing the attention of users as the main reason for the rise in the rankings.

The roster update in the second half of 2021 reflects the latest information on players, managers, and club teams, and the salary limit for the national team has also been raised from 200 to 210. In addition, 21PL players who were active in the 20-21 season appeared newly. In addition, there have been many changes in the details, and thanks to the users who log in to check them, there has been a big change in game usage and market share.

New icons and classes have also been added. In the case of the new icon, Ronaldo, a legend in the football world, appeared to the extent that even those who do not know football well have heard of his name, which made many football fans flutter. In addition to Ronaldo, 12 other prominent players such as Wayne Rooney and Robin Van Persie have been added to create a new dream team that has only been dreamed of in imagination.

The new class consists of CAP and BTB, and the CAP is a class made up of players who have served as captains of the national team for more than 5 years or who are wearing captain’s armbands and holding trophies. This includes Park Ji-sung, who played for the Korean national team from 2000 to 2011.

This is ‘FIFA Online 4’, which showed many changes with the roster update that marks the end of 2021. Legend players and several new classes of players have appeared, bringing a new wind to the quiet market. Attendance events are also being held to coincide with the new update, and you can earn various rewards just by playing the game 3 times a day.

Although the effect is lower than the existing burning event, the effect of the event is excellent in that it can keep users hooked. You can see that there is a lot of interest in this roster update in that it jumped from 6th place to 3rd place at once due to the effects of updates and events. Through this update, it is expected that ‘FIFA Online 4’ will become the top 3 gatekeeper for the time being.

■ Black Desert – 2021 Season+ Ending Imminent

‘Black Desert’ heralds the end of the 2021 season+ and heralds the start of a new winter season, and the ranking of the first stage has risen.

2021 Season+ started in September after the end of the summer season, and features elements that will ease the burden of growth for new adventurers. New users were able to adapt to ‘Black Desert’ faster by completing the contents provided in Season+ one after another. Since the actual season+ started, positive changes have been made in the overall share and usage of ‘Black Desert’.

The new winter season starts after the end of Season+, and focuses on the reboot of the 17th class. Through the new growth-specialized season, the class that reboots can be rapidly grown, so it is expected that many users will participate.

However, since there is still about a week left until the start of the new season, Season + is finished and we are preparing for the new season. It is highly likely that new events will be prepared in line with the start of the new season, so attention is focused on how far ‘Black Desert’ can go through the new season.

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