Granado Espada Adds Wizard Character ‘Psyche’

Data provided – Hanbit Soft

‘Granado Espada’, a long-lived PC online MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) serviced by Hanbitsoft and developed by IMC Games, introduced a new character, ‘Psyche’.

Psyche is a magic attack dealer type character with decent movement speed, short casting and wide skill range. The stats are very high in intelligence, and weapons wear staff and armor wear robes.

Psyche can use the dedicated stance ‘With Descent’, which uses soul magic with special magical power, and ‘With Resemble’, a buff-type job skill that enhances her stats.

Although Psyche is from a priestly family in the Armonia continent, she has a story setting of being the only child who saved her life when her family was subjugated by the Church by researching magic that was far from sacred.

As revealed through the developer notes, there is a possibility that Psyche’s family or a character related to a spirit magician who could not get rid of Psyche for some reason may appear or be released in the story.

An official from Granado Espada said, “In the future, we will continue to introduce new characters and content that can add new pleasure to users’ adventures and battles, while repaying them with user-friendly operation.”