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[기사 본문]

– 2021 NRP Demo Day 11.24.(Wed)~25.(Thu) 2 days online and offline 4,067 people participated

– 48 promising virtual/augmented reality companies, online and offline presentations and business consulting

– Provide replays through the YouTube Gyeonggi Content Agency channel and support additional corporate cooperation

– Provincial government plans to select the 7th NRP in February next year. Plan to actively discover and foster companies

The ‘NRP Demo Day’ held under the theme of ‘Prospecting the metaverse industry through Gyeonggi-do virtual/augmented reality (VR/AR) companies’ ended on the 25th.

Demo Day, held for the 6th time this year, was held online and offline, and approximately 4,000 people including investors and industry officials participated in the field and online.

NRP (New Reality Partners) is a project that Gyeonggi Province has been promoting since 2017 to foster extended reality (XR) companies.

Together with the global public-private partnership, a total of 148 promising companies are selected and nurtured until the 6th term this year.

In this event, in which 48 promising virtual and augmented reality companies participated, company presentations and consultations were made in two ways: on-site and online.

It was broadcast live through YouTube and the metaverse platform ‘Gather Town’, and in Gather Town, an online booth was set up and business consultations continued.

An investment official who visited the site said, “Depending on the circumstances, we were able to meet the companies effectively because we were able to hold spectators or individual meetings at the same time either on-site or online,” and emphasized such a place for cooperation between companies.

In addition, a company official who participated in the demo day said, “I was very nervous and nervous, but through this announcement, we were able to show the strength of our company to the industry.” I do,” he said.

The province plans to continue to watch the video of the event through the YouTube channel of the Gyeonggi Content Promotion Agency.

Meanwhile, Gyeonggi Province plans to recruit seven NRPs in February next year.

Metaverse plans to actively discover and nurture people who dream of starting new businesses and growing in the field of immersive technology.

For more information about the Demo Day event and corporate cooperation, please contact the Future Contents Team (031-8064-1719), Gyeonggi Content Agency.

By Lee Myung-gyu, staff reporter [email protected]