Inexpensive graphics cards: Nvidia may still have a GPU ace up its sleeve

Current graphics cards are currently in short supply. The result: The prices for RTX 3070 and Co. continue to skyrocket. According to the rumor mill, Nvidia could still have an ace up its sleeve for all PC gamers who are looking for a cheap mid-range graphics card: the new edition of the RTX 2060.

Old graphics card in new tubes: Nvidia is said to be working on an improved RTX 2060

The rumor has been around for months: According to various sources, Nvidia has been working internally for a long time on a new edition of the RTX 2060. The mid-range graphics card of the Turing era appeared almost 3 years ago, cost 370 euros at market launch and was considered by many gamers to be an inexpensive entry into the world of ray tracing GPUs.

In the meantime, a lot has happened on the market, especially in terms of prices. Thanks to the hardware crisis, the successor to the RTX 2060, the RTX 3060, currently good and happy times 800 euros. Absolute usury when you consider that the jump in performance between the two cards is definitely noticeable, but does not even begin to justify such a price increase.

According to some reports, however, Nvidia seems to want to pull another ace up its sleeve in just under two weeks, which could bring some momentum to the graphics card market again: a revival of the RTX 2060. The new version of the old graphics card is supposed to be unlike the original this time with 12 instead of 6 GB VRAM be equipped.

And the power consumption is also higher than that of the previous models. Instead of 160 watts, Nvidia seems to be aiming for a consumption of 184 watts. This would make the new model even more power hungry than the SUPER version of the RTX 2060, but what does it do? have a positive effect on performance could. In addition, the card should offer 2,176 CUDA cores – the same number that were also used in the RTX 2060 SUPER (source: videocardz).

In other words: the new RTX 2060 with 12 GB VRAM could very well the same level of performance as the RTX 2060 SUPER achieve, which is only 10 percent behind the RTX 3060.

We’ll tell you what else has happened in the gaming and technology world in the GIGA headlines:

What should the new RTX 2060 cost?

An official statement on the targeted sales price has not yet been made. Nvidia hasn’t even commented on whether the card is actually in production.

Currently, however, the rumor mill seems to assume that the new edition of the RTX 2060 will cost just under 300 US dollars (around 267 euros) will cost (source: wccftech). However, the price should not be an RRP, but the actual market price.

Nobody can say whether this assumption is correct. In times of the hardware crisis, however, the new RTX 2060 should prove to be real price hit turn out, the dealers should actually call such competitive prices. We are excited and will keep you up to date.