iPhone charges AirPods: Apple finally wants to catch up with Android phones

AirPods should also be able to be supplied with power directly via the iPhone. (Image source: GIGA)

What has been possible in the Android world for a long time, iPhones should also be able to do: Apple is working on bidirectional charging so that AirPods, for example, can be supplied with power via the iPhone. But Apple wants even more, because the charging process should also work from a distance.

iPhone 13

Apple Plans: Charge AirPods with iPhone

For several years now, some Android flagships have been able to wirelessly supply external mini headphones with power. What Huawei introduced in 2018 is now standard on higher-priced Android phones. Now Apple would like to jump on the bandwagon, as a new report shows. Unlike in the Android world, the The distance between the iPhone and AirPods is significantly greater can fail.

The new references to bidirectional charging come from Mark Gurman, a well-known Apple insider from Bloomberg news service. According to him is Apple really serious this time, after previous attempts had failed (source: Bloomberg via golem.de).

As early as 2013, Apple supposedly wanted its Apple Watch with one bidirectional charging option Mistake. Since the iPhone 8, cell phones have supported wireless charging based on the Qi standard, but they cannot supply existing devices with new energy.

Just like Apple too bridge greater distances would like to remain unanswered so far. The technology is still considered experimental, but researchers have already shown that electricity can be distributed wirelessly over several meters.

Xiaomi’s “Mi Air Charge Technology” can also transmit electricity through the air:

Bidirectional Charging: Is AirPower Coming Back?

Apple’s efforts around wireless power transmission have so far not been crowned with success. the Ever announced AirPower charging mat then never saw the light of day. The project was discontinued in 2019, but may now return better equipped after a detour.


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