Jeollanam-do creates a mecca for the tangible game industry

Naju–(Newswire) November 29, 2021 — New protagonists in the era of the 4th industrial revolution are heading to Naju, Jeollanam-do.

Talents from all over the country gather to produce content with creative ideas, and without stopping to challenge, the content industry is revitalized with government and corporate support.

Jeonnam Information Culture Industry Promotion Agency (President Jun-geun Lee) supports the production of tangible games for companies using regional specialized resources or unique assets to expand the game business base in Jeollanam-do and strengthen the competitiveness of companies at home and abroad.

◇Wiseville, spurs development of user-centered service platform

Wiseville (CEO Taejin Kim), which is participating in the business, is an IT specialist. The corporate name of WISEVILL started with the meaning of ‘a town where wise people gather’. Smart people are determined to provide optimized service to customers in a smart way. In fact, top developers with more than 20 years of average experience and competent marketing/planning/design personnel gathered together, and the results are clear.

Wiseville develops all front/back-end services and hardware required for the service, producing customized programs for customers. As an IT professional company, it has been running relentlessly for various R&D achievements. From travel applications to Gwangju culture tourism applications, brokerage transaction applications, sanitary inspection applications, and learning applications, it did not hesitate to take on the challenge to provide meaningful services to users.

Wiseville is completing AR games through its market entry production support business. It is a tangible content that consists of an interesting story in which zombies appear in the background of the Joseon Dynasty as an AR game. The structure and method of the game is not difficult, but it is full of excitement.

Strengthen items and randomly place enemies in the story play method. It introduces a roguelike in which the game progresses according to the player’s luck in a random skill generation method and increases the fun. The fusion traditional music, which becomes the background sound and sound effect of the game, further enhances the immersion. It also strives to develop software that can drive mobile processes, allowing users to experience various AR contents. We are mobilizing all of Wiseville’s experience and know-how in platform production.

Above all, tourism elements using regional characteristics are added to the game. Local attractions and events such as the theme of General Kim Deok-ryeong of Gwangju Lake Ecological Lake Park, Sajajae Street in Gangjin-gun, and the Myeongnyang Battle Festival are produced with customized AR contents. It is to provide an opportunity to experience local specialized resources or attractions with tangible AR contents.

The AR content produced goes from initial planning to production so that it can be applied as content that can be used in the area or peddling. With the continuous development and service of 3D content with regional characteristics, we plan to deliver AR content in the desired form to local events. We provide updates so that you can visit the region and events on an ongoing basis, rather than as one-off content.

◇“Jeonnam Global Game Center is the savior of IT companies”

According to CEO Kim Tae-jin, the content creation support business is a great strength to companies. Companies will have the opportunity to grow stably and focus on creating high-quality content. Wiseville will not miss the opportunity and silently carry out the task, and the support project will deliver outstanding results.

Jeollanam-do is currently nurturing tangible games combined with immersive media infrastructure, and is sparing no support for the goal of establishing an ecosystem for the Jeonnam game industry and fostering global game companies.

Jeonnam Global Game Center Overview

Jeonnam Global Game Center is nurturing tangible games combined with immersive media infrastructure, and supports it with the goal of establishing an ecosystem for the Jeonnam game industry and fostering global game companies.


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