Data provided – Krafton

KRAFTON (CEO Chang-Han Kim) is recruiting participants for the 2nd term of the ‘KRAFTON Producer Pathfinders Program’.

The ‘Krafton Producer Pathfinders Program’ is a system that raises new developers’ understanding of the market and game production, and develops them into producers with the ability to produce competitive games. In particular, you can gain experience and knowledge necessary for game development by directly participating in production practice, product design analysis, and project proposal writing. Here, Krafton CEO Changhan Kim participates as a CPO (Chief Producing Officer) and coaches with senior producers.

Due to the high complexity of production and the nature of game development in which all processes are connected, the producer in charge of game development is in charge of those who have been involved in game production for a long time. It is a rare case in the domestic and foreign game industry to nurture such a producer job from the fresh start stage and to provide a challenging opportunity.

Kim Chang-han, CEO of Krafton, said, “Those who participate in the ‘Krafton Producer Pathfinders Program’ will receive meticulous coaching from producers with long experience and expertise and will be reborn as producers with outstanding capabilities.” We have continued challenging attempts under the management policy of ‘, and we plan to actively nurture and develop talents with aspirations for game production in the future.”

Krafton will hold a recruitment briefing session on Thursday, December 9th at 4pm. Coaches who directly participate in the ‘Krafton Producer Pathfinders Program’ introduce game production experiences and game development cycles, and the management team and first-term participants answer questions about the recruitment process and the overall program.

The second phase of the Krafton Producer Pathfinders program is a recruitment-linked internship program that undergoes practical education and training for three months and is hired as a full-time employee through evaluation. The application period is from November 29 to December 19. More detailed information can be found on the Krafton Recruitment Site and the program website.