Launched ‘Five Star Casino’, a web board mobile game enjoyed on Google Play

A fast-paced web board mobile game five star casinowas officially launched.

mobile game publisher five milesis past 11month 26Work, Web board mobile game Five Star Casino serviced by the company Google Play Store It was announced today that it was officially launched through the App Market..

Five Star Casino Texas Hold’em Poker(Texas Holdem Poker), It is a web board mobile game composed of baccarat, etc., It is composed of a game method that requires speedy development and fast brain skills, out of the framework of simple casino games..

In other words, As the time to make bets while playing the game is designed to be short, you can feel the unique taste and tension of poker through the rapid game progress.. Especially with the official release. tournament gameIt is even more exciting and maximizes the fun factor of experiencing poker in the real world..

In addition to this fast-paced game development, it also delivers a wide range of bonuses for game users.. Daily Bonus Roulette, attendance check, Various types of free rewards such as missions are provided, and it is characterized by helping users to increase their win rate through segmentation of game records so that anyone can enjoy it without any burden..

Five star casino last 2020It is a mobile game published by Five Mile, a new mobile game publisher founded in. Five Mile in the game industry 10As a company where veterans who have spent more than a year gather, Based on a high understanding of the game market and marketing capabilities, 2022year MMORPG It plans to solidify its position as a recognized publisher in the global market by introducing a variety of game lineups including genres..

The company said that it had selected actress Lee Chae-young as a promotional model to raise awareness of Five Star Casino to the next level.. Chaeyoung Lee jumped into the poker board MimiA crime action film about a man betting his life for the deal of a lifetime. otherHe is expected to act as the main lead in, He added that the image to be shown on other sites was selected in line with the Five Star Casino..

Chaeyoung Lee has recently imprinted the colorful and thrilling image of the game through a tango-themed commercial teaser., In-game profile with an image license agreement(character) You can check her luxurious image based on the image.

Meanwhile, Five Mile celebrates the official launch of Five Star Casino. TVEvents that offer various prizes from gold bars to gold bars are held.. After the upcoming Christmas and New Year events and game stabilization, global launches are also planned..

5 star high quality hold’em game five star casinoIs Google Playcan be downloaded for free from.

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