Learning evolution through games… Cell to Singularity Evolution Never Ends

by Richard Dawkins selfish genewhen the last chapter of, I found the meme theory more interesting than we humans are robot carriers for preserving genes.. It’s kind of like a reversal., author SelfishIt is not much different from what attracted attention through the word. From the standpoint of the Department of Advertising and Public Relations, it may be judged that the author has a knack for marketing., Personally, his special ideas and imagination, And I remember the excellent writing skills..

In that sense ‘Cell to Singularity – Evolution Never Ends’, Literally translated From Cell to Specificity, Evolution never endsThis idle game, which can be interpreted as geneand makes us rethink our relationship. This game, which starts with entropy as a currency, is very simple on the surface, but, Gradually gaining weight life treeThe way it unfolds is quite interesting.. In the beginning, there were simple compounds such as water and ammonia., Most of you will remember the story that the amino acids that make up proteins came from here.. The game does exactly this.. 10I remember there was a bit of a controversy a few years ago, but, The raw soup, known as the origin of life, is also located in a suitable spot., protein and DNA, naturally ascending to prokaryotic cells.

Some may view this game for educational purposes.. Jellyfish and fish, as well as flatworms and mammals, are connected at a very appropriate point of time, which helps students to intuitively understand.. In addition, thanks to the nature of the idle game, it is a great advantage to be able to enjoy it easily with leisure..

If you read this far, You may be wondering if the word “educational” even comes out because the game shows how many units the game is.. no need to think big. this game EvolutionI came out with the heavy topic of, Beginning with the Paleolithic industrial revolutionclass information ageIt is shown concisely through. If this is your first time playing an idle game, ‘clickerIt should also be remembered that the sub-genre called. In this game, clicking and tapping are routine by default.. When you click the screen with the mouse or tap the spacebar, you get the entropy in the form of points.. Then you can upgrade, can move on to the next unit.

For example, the entropy to make amino acids is 10when you hit, prokaryotic cells on it 20, eukaryotic cells are 30becomes. They produce entropy in seconds from the moment they are born.. Then, the gamer can leave it alone and create jellyfish and flatworms when the entropy is sufficiently filled..

There is another way to upgrade.. The accumulated entropy is used to increase the number of amino acids and prokaryotic cells.. 10see 50Entropy tends to gather more quickly. If you’ve played a lot of idle games, you’ll quickly understand..

So what happens when you grow up to be an apes?? From this point on, entropy is not ideacurrency is consumed. make a human, You can climb the tree from the Stone Age to the Industrial Revolution.. In the information age, the title of this game ‘Singularity(singularity)’The simulation ends when, start over again. no need to be afraid. ‘metabitA new journey is being prepared by building a new currency called. Accumulate entropy and ideas faster than before, can be upgraded.

This process Mesozoic valleydevelops similarly in. As you climb the tree of life, dinosaur simulation can be found. ‘mysterious rockcan be destroyed by clicking several times with the mouse., It is the birth point of the Mesozoic valley.. This can be understood as a mini-game of the tree of life.. However, the first dinosaurs are not automated.. Here you have to collect certain cards to upgrade your dinosaurs.. Automate the dinosaurs by unlocking them and this mini-game will also work non-stop., Accumulate fossils, the relevant currency. When you reach the singularity, drop an asteroid and restart the game. It’s literally like rebooting.. This way, you can grow faster because the existing upgraded parts are still alive.. Every time you drop an asteroid, there are new dinosaurs and, Automation Goes Faster.

It is better not to expect the appearance of the game. Of course, it would have been nice if there had been a better art style., The game is basically more focused on climbing the tree. All you have to do is click and tap curiously to see what the next unit will be..

The problem is that the limit is definitely coming.. development team selfish geneI am not sure if it was affected by, Curiosity is rapidly halving since the age of nuclear power. birth of new life, DNAWhen you see the phrase, The specificity of the unit could be expected to some extent.. It is also true that I personally expected the meme theory part, which I enjoyed reading more than the gene.. However televisionor silent film’, ‘phone callWhen the back appears, The game stops at the level of simply mentioning the timeline.. ‘airplaneWow missile’, ‘video gameWhen this comes out, the game will feel lighter now. I have invested half a day since I started this game., It wasn’t just that I wanted to be a scholar myself.. New units appearing at the right place, And I thought it was important to upgrade that could come out at the right time.. Genes are also important., Humans and meme theory are important, but, After all, this is a game.

but this game appropriatecouldn’t find the part. There’s one thing I didn’t mention that’s important to gamers., The game is currently registered for free on Steam.. Yes. Ignoring the proper part of this game, If you want to climb the tree without hesitation, ‘sagedo. ‘dawiniumYou can get various benefits by purchasing a currency called. Typically, you can use time flux, which is the current production volume. 3get time value. That way, you will get a lot of points, so you can unlock objects that looked stuffy..

Not all of them can be unlocked though.. The tree in this game keeps going up., It doesn’t look like there will be an end to this game as long as there’s wisdom.. Understanding the characteristics of domestic mobile games.

Fortunately, there are many ways to get this currency called Dawinium for free.. see an ad, development team SNSI also follow, Sometimes you get it as a play bonus.. This alone is enough for free play.

It is true that the meme theory is still controversial.. In addition to explaining that genes are selfish, I tried to explain altruistic humans. imaginationCriticism that leans on. However, it is certain that Charles Robert Darwin raised a groundbreaking topic for evolutionary theory.. The selfish gene continued to develop into new theories as it spread to evolutionary psychology, etc..

humans and genes, I even mentioned meme theory., Because I had high expectations for this game.. Personally, I didn’t have a lot of interest in the genre of idle games., Anyone on this topic is welcome.. I’m sorry, To make this game easier to understand the theory of evolution, It was not widely used.. We are not moving too quickly to the industrial revolution., It would have been better if the process to the apes was shown in more detail.. Personally, I felt the gap was too big..

But it’s definitely a game that makes you think about evolution.. Personally, I was able to think deeply about Richard Dawkins’ persuasive style once again. It’s just fun to see that entropy and ideas are accumulating like a squirrel spinning wheel at this time. Tomorrow I will go through the information age and store DNA. And the next day, we’ll run the pterosaur’s automated calculations faster. Just click and let go.

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