MAG 2021: An intimate and colorful event is coming to an end

After three successful days, the digital MAG closes its doors in 2021 and leaves a feeling of anticipation for the coming year. The live program on Twitch captivated thousands of viewers and was able to inspire with exciting topics. And we will miss the battle for colors in MAG City. Let’s take a look back at the online trade fair.

The fight for MAG City: The MMO was a real joy

Finally we entered the digital halls of the Indie Arena Booth at gamescom 2021 and found the concept to be extremely successful. The browser game of the MAG Online 2021 was able to add a fat shovel.

Instead of just visiting the digital booths and exchanging ideas with community members, the new one managed Competition mechanics for Megan and Maggie a further incentive to discover the convention and enjoy it to the fullest.

We joined Team Maggie and from then on had the task of dipping the individual areas of the fair in our color (pink). So-called color spots were used for this, which could be taken again and again at time intervals – very similar to Capture the Flag.

In addition, there were many hidden secrets with experience points that raised our own level. But the greatest fun was collecting the many hidden stickers and patches, which were distributed with 100 and 12 pieces all over the fair – collecting fever I’m coming!

Of course, the creation of an avatar like in a real MMO on MAG Online should not be missing.

So you discovered all areas playfully and strolled past various game stations, artists and influencers. The interaction was through clever integration for game demos on Steam, Discord servers, shop pages and the Twitch livestream.

Unfortunately we had to Overload of the game find out what made the hunt for the colors quite difficult at times. Nevertheless, we had a lot of fun, even if we unfortunately had to admit defeat with Team Maggie in the end. That calls for a revenge!

Here you can see the competition mechanics again in moving images:

Twitch program: an intimate round with fun guaranteed

In addition to the interactive MMO, MAG 2021 is of course also one of them again rich streaming program on Twitch been accompanied. From Friday to Sunday there was a full and continuous program.

Moderated by Fishcop and accompanied by other content creators such as Lara Loft, PietSmiet, Milschbaum and Co., the livestream delivered the perfect company in a cozy atmosphere. Especially at a time when the weather invites you to linger inside and the corona situation makes visiting a real trade fair impossible.

The individual program items were not only exciting and interesting, especially those sympathetic moderators and guests Also made for a really relaxed and almost family experience.

From funny cooking challenges to interesting tabletop rounds and exciting interviews, there was something for every taste. If you want to watch the program in peace afterwards, you can Stream recording still on Twitch enjoy.

We look back on MAG Online 2021 with positive feelings and can hardly wait to experience the event again in 2022. Then maybe again in physical form at the fair itself – and if not, we have nothing against another digital sticker hunt in the browser.