Microsoft Korea Signs Strategic Partnership with Samsung Heavy Industries to Transform Digital Shipyards | Ruri Web

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– Strategic partnership for digital shipyard transformation… Speeding up the conversion of low-cost and high-efficiency shipyards

– Utilizing Microsoft technology to increase productivity such as intelligent production system and automation of repetitive office work

– Building a digital virtual space through Azure, AI, Teams, and Metaverse and spurring workflow efficiency

Lee Ji-eun, CEO of Microsoft Korea(5th from the left)and Jinhan Bae, Head of Management Support Office, Samsung Heavy Industries & Construction, CFO(6th from the left) Officials from both companies are taking a commemorative photo at the smart SHI business agreement ceremony.

Microsoft Korea and Samsung Heavy Industries have signed a strategic partnership to transform a digital shipyard. Through this, Samsung Heavy Industries will accelerate the transition to a low-cost and high-efficiency shipyard by utilizing Microsoft cloud-based IT solutions and technical know-how.

Since 2019, Samsung Heavy Industries has established a digital transformation strategy named ‘Smart Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI)’ and is promoting business innovation by using digital technology across all areas of the shipyard, including design, purchasing, and production.

It is transforming into a ‘paperless yard’ by establishing a mobile work environment based on a high-speed wireless network in the Geoje shipyard. ) is concentrating on increasing productivity by utilizing Microsoft’s technology, such as automation of repetitive office work.

In addition, Samsung Heavy Industries is using Microsoft Cloud Azure, artificial intelligence (AI), collaboration solution Teams, and metaverse technology to gather data and information scattered in each sector into a digital virtual space. By establishing a strong collaboration system, we plan to further streamline the workflow.

“The ultimate goal of ‘Smart SHI’ is digital transformation, which processes all information at the shipyard with advanced IT technology,” said Bae Jin-han, CFO of Samsung Heavy Industries’ Management Support Office. It will become a strong competitive edge to realize the

Lee Ji-eun, CEO of Microsoft Korea, said, “We plan to actively cooperate so that Samsung Heavy Industries’ digital transformation can become a representative IT innovation success story in the shipbuilding and offshore industry through the latest technologies and solutions based on Microsoft’s cloud.”

By Lee Myung-gyu, staff reporter [email protected]