More popular than Battlefield 2042: Steam hit beats EA’s shooter

Battlefield 2042 has had a rather bumpy launch and many Steam apparently prefer to get into the tractor rather than the tank. Farming Simulator 22 got off to a good start and can even do EAs Shooter.

Update from November 29, 2021:

Bauer proposes shooter king: Farming Simulator on Steam before BF 2042

Of the Farming Simulator 22 is now also leading the Steam top sellers one week after the release. On Steam, players want to be on the field, but not on the battlefield. Valve’s platform registers far more virtual farmers than soldiers and far more gamers play the Farming Simulator than Battlefield 2042.

According to the tracking site SteamDB, the farming simulator even had it in the meantime twice as many simultaneously active game ends and the popular simulator also beats the record number of players in Battlefield, if only by a few hundred. Of course, these figures only include those of the Steam platform.

Battlefield’s downward trend on Steam continues

Just a few days after the release, Battlefield made 2042 with the Reaching a negative record aware of oneself. The shooter landed in the top 10 worst rated games on Steam. Currently, Battlefield has improved to 18th place.

Developer DICE is currently busy fixing the many bugs in BF 2042. A few days ago there was the first patch with many improvements.

Original message November 26, 2021:

Great steam hit: simulator eliminates strong competition

The Steam top sellers have just achieved a real high-flyer. Started with a terrific release, the recently released Farming Simulator 22 can assert itself gloriously in the platform’s charts – despite the current strong competition.

Steam release is a complete success

Farming Simulator 22 is no stranger to Steam’s bestsellers – after all, the popular farming game has been available for pre-order for some time. But with that Release am 22. November the farming game can beat this success by far.

The work simulation immediately jumps to the first place of the top seller and shows how big the fan base of the game is. But as if this success wasn’t enough, the game from Giants Software goes one better and also takes second place the charts. (Those: Steam-Topseller)

That Year 1 Bundle is represented in the list as a separate entry in addition to the basic game. At a price of 77.58 euros, this contains a few more in addition to the main game Additional packs and extra content in the form of machines and a map.

And the LW22 is not only a hit in the German Steam Charts as usual, it also wins with international top sellers – albeit not as successfully as among German players. (Source: Worldwide steam top sellers).

The particularly amazing: Even less than a week after its release, the LW 22 can still be found at the top of the bestseller – despite strong competition from titles such as Forza Horizon 5 and Battlefield 2042 and the current autumn sale from Steam, which is washing popular blockbusters back into the top sellers with low prices.

Would you like to buy the Steam hit too, but would you prefer to buy it in physical form? Then take a look at the farming simulator on Amazon:

Farming Simulator 22 at Amazon

How does Farming Simulator 22 perform?

The PC gamers on Steam seem to have particularly enjoyed the simulation. After the series has been suspended for 2020 and 2021, the new offshoot with the familiar characteristics is back, but can also with some innovations wait up.

For the first time, fans can get over changing seasons and fresh gameplay mechanics with new machine categories and crops. If you want to get a more detailed picture of the game, you can go to the fresh Launch-Trailer des LW22 look inside:

What is the rating for the PC game? at currently scarce 5000 reviews the simulator on Steam can currently do a very positive review to win. Several improvements in details should have made the game a lot better.

The biggest criticism from the community is this mediocre graphicswhich should not correspond to the modern standard in the technical area either. At least there is no big improvement to the predecessor in the overall picture. That for beginners unfriendly tutorial is also criticized, just like that Fahrphysik.

Others praise the game and choose it as the best in the series. Especially those Selection of the fleet and the sounds seem to be well received by the players. which System requirements your PC has to rock for the LW22 to run properly, you can find out in our article:

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