Netmarble, ‘Everyone’s Marble’ Updates ‘Ghost Castle Map’ and Pays 10,000 Diamonds

Netmarble (CEO Young-sik Kwon, Seung-won Lee) announced on the 29th that it had implemented various updates, such as adding a ‘ghost castle map’ to the mobile casual board game ‘Everyone’s Marble’.

‘Ghost Castle Map’ is a new map in which opponent characters and landmarks are not visible. During battle, you can check the opponent’s location through hints such as ‘exclamation mark’ and ‘footprint’, or find out the opponent’s landmark information by installing a ‘detector’. A variety of strategies can be implemented.

At the same time, a new chapter in the stage mode, a ‘space map’ of memories, has been added, and a ‘construction dice map’ that can be played with three dice in the classic league has been opened. In addition, the ‘Character Growth Status Board’, which allows you to easily check the status of character possession and growth, has been updated.

To commemorate the update, Netmarble is holding an event where you can acquire a total of ‘10,000 Diamonds’, ‘Evolution Yoon-Rang’, ‘4 exclusive lucky items’, and ‘Evolution Costume’ just by accessing and playing the game. In addition, ‘precision processing tickets’, ‘cubes’, and ‘light of glory’ are presented to all users who enjoy the ‘ghost castle map’.

‘Everyone’s Marvel’ is a familiar game method in which you roll dice to move characters on the board, and buy and sell cities around the world. It has been steadily gaining popularity due to various fun factors such as monopoly victories and hosting of the Olympics.

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