New Marvel MMORPG from the makers of DC-Universe Online announced

The future looks to … Marvel. The popular Comic brand probably wants to handle the games in the same way as his Films and series. A lot of new games await us from the Marvel-Universum.

Including the continuation of the great Spider-Man Adventure from Sony, a Marvel tactical game from the makers of XCOM and an as yet unknown Singleplayer-Game, written by the Uncharted author Amy Hennig. On top of that, too Wolverine donated its own appearance.

Marvel gets its own MMORPG

But that doesn’t seem to be enough. The Marvel brand is booming and that must be used. For those who want something Multiplayer-Action miss in the previously announced titles, can now look forward to.

Recently a AAA-MMORPGthat on a Marvel-IP based, officially announced. That gave the Swedish video game holding company EnaD Global 7 in your quarterly investor presentation known.

The project is being developed by the American Dimensional Ink Studios. The studio has some experience with comic MMOs because it is responsible for DC Universe Online.

Experience also becomes the head of the project, Jack Emmet, because he was a designer on the superhero MMO City of Heroes and currently also leads the DC Universe Online team.

Further details are not yet available from the investor presentation. The information so far can give a little idea of ​​what kind of game we can expect.

Can you imagine what the Marvel MMORPG will look like?

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