New on Steam: An exciting week for survival fans and kite riders

With all the love for Battlefield and Call of Duty: Why does it always have to be conventional creaking? How about a multiplayer shooter where you can ride your own dragon? Century: Age of Ashes definitely brings an interesting twist to the Steam releases of the week.

But also for survival fans there is a potential hit with Icarus, the new game by DayZ inventor Dean Hall. So it’s time for the new releases of the week: We have summarized all the interesting releases of the first week of December 2021 for you.

Highlight of the week: Icarus

Icarus: E3 gameplay trailer for the new survival game from the inventor of DayZ


Icarus: E3 gameplay trailer for the new survival game from the inventor of DayZ

Genre: Action-Simulation | developer: RocketWerkz | Release: December 4, 2021 | Give up: Steam

DayZ creator Dean Hall relies on dystopian SciFi instead of zombies with his new game Icarus. After a failed terraforming project on the “second earth”, the remaining resources must be looted. Alone or with up to seven other players, we go to the hostile planet.

Compared to other survival games like Rust, Icarus relies even more on time management. Here it is important not only to keep an eye on hunger, thirst and oxygen, but also to get back to the space station in good time, otherwise all progress will be lost. So when exploring, we should think carefully about what we want to collect and which battles we want to fight.

If we make it back to the space station in time, we can use our collected resources to unlock new technologies and plan further trips.

Highlight of the week: Century: Age of Ashes

Century: Age of Ashes trailer reveals the release date and cute mini-dragons


Century: Age of Ashes trailer reveals the release date and cute mini-dragons

Genre: Multiplayer-Shooter | developer: PlaywingLTD | Release: December 2, 2021 | Give up: Steam

Century: Age of Ashes is a slightly different kind of multiplayer shooter. Here we don’t fight with assault rifles and grenade launchers like in Call of Duty & Co., but on the back of a dragon. We use the special skills of their classes in the team-based 6v6 aerial battles and unlock new customization options as the level rises. Century: Age of Ashes relies on a Free2Play model with an in-game shop.

The PC releases of the week

From November 29th to December 5th, 2021 there are still more exciting releases waiting for you.

From Monday, November 29th

  • ScooterFlow: Similar to Tony Hawk games, only with scooters instead of skateboards and optionally in first or third person view. Put down freestyle combos and redesign your scooter.

From Tuesday, November 30th

  • FIGHT KNIGHT: Dungeon brawlers meet high-speed action with retro graphic style. Fight your way from the first person view through the zones in which opponents with individual combat patterns are waiting for you.
  • Moon Farming – Prologue: A farming game that looks to the future. Instead of the usual on earth, here on the moon it is important to farm and expand – including the lunar vehicle.

From Wednesday 1st December

  • Wartales: Medieval role-playing game in which we roam the world of Edora with recruited mercenaries to collect bounties, research graves and further develop skills.
  • No Plan B: Every step counts in the tactical game. Put the squad together with the right equipment and try to implement the ideal plan – optionally also in missions created by the community.

From Thursday, December 2nd

  • Mecha shame: Tactical role-playing game with a dark cyberpunk setting that relies on turn-based combat.
  • Rubber Bandits: Brawler party game with three modes. Here the motto is online or in co-op: steal, smash and loot whatever it takes.
  • Century: Age of Ashes: For dragon lovers and shooter fans. More on this in the second highlight above.
  • Asterix & Obelix: Slap them All!: Anyone who grew up with the two cult figures will quickly feel at home with the 2D beat’em up. The Romans can also be thrashed in local co-op.
  • Solar Ash: Surreal action title from the makers of Hyper Light Drifter. The game promises loving characters, enormous opponents and rapid movement in a strongly stylized world.

From Friday 3rd December

  • Chorus: As the warrior Nara, we travel through the galaxy to strengthen a resistance and use supernatural powers to oppose the cult that created her.
  • 6Souls: 2D platformer with over 80 levels in which we accompany Jack and the dog Butch to solve the disappearance of the Cliffords.

From Saturday 4th December

  • Icarus: Session-based PvE survival game, which you can read more about in the highlight above.

Weekly releases as video

If you’d prefer to get information about new games in video form, you can also watch the most exciting new releases in our release video:

The highlight of the Farming Simulator 22 and lots of releases - new + amp;  Free games


The highlight of Farming Simulator 22 and lots of releases – new & free games

You can also see a more detailed list of all the important new releases that the year has to offer this year in our large release overview 2021. After all, there are still a few interesting candidates like Halo Infinite waiting in the last few weeks.

Is there something for you guys in the releases this week? Or are you already well supplied with the current Steam Sale? Let us know and let us know in the comments if you know of any other interesting new releases that we haven’t mentioned in the list.