New World has a big problem, says Twitch star Shroud

Since its launch towards the end of September, the MMO New World lost numerous players. Some servers are now correspondingly empty. The developers of Amazon Game Studios counteract this by merging less populated servers in the foreseeable future. But according to a well-known streamer, this could have serious consequences.

Shorud sees problems for New World

It’s about Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek, who is currently by far most popular streamers from New World on Twitch should be and can demonstrate a correspondingly large range. He had already spoken out about the online role-playing game several times in the past and, in addition to some criticism, had also found several words of praise.

Server consolidation at New World

If Amazon Game Studios were to merge the smaller servers with larger servers, it could have serious consequences for them, according to Shroud In-game economy to have. Especially on smaller servers there is a different economic system than on heavily populated realms. There are some monopolists there who would only be strengthened by amalgamation in the planned form.

“It makes little sense to combine several smaller servers with one medium-sized server. It would be much more useful to combine several smaller servers and combine several medium-sized servers. If you were to take a few smaller servers on which one has thousands and thousands of raw materials due to lack of competition, he would get one Medium or high population server and just take it over. “

However, Shroud relativized his statement a little later. Due to the huge amount of in-game items available, there is no solution to the problem that does not have someone on the losing side.

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