New World: New Bug? Players receive huge sums of gold

Is there another one Gold-Bug beim MMO New World? At least recently there have been signs of it. Only a few days ago there was one due to incorrect compensation payments Rollback in the online role-playing game. As a result, some players are afraid that this could happen again.

Player gets almost 400,000 gold in New World

The user “equien” recently spoke up in the official forum. He reported that he suddenly had a sum in the amount of around 380,000 gold thalers found in his character’s inventory for no apparent reason.

This is what happened, by the way after the rollback. To prove this, he has published a screenshot of his current in-game account balance. He also reported the whole thing to the developers immediately as a possible bug.

A little later, other players reported from the same server to confirm the report or, more unusual, of the unexpected payout high sums of gold to report. These were not quite as high as with the creator of the thread. Nevertheless, the events caused a lot of skepticism.

Is another rollback looming?

So far there has been no reaction from the developers of Amazon Game Studios in the thread. It is therefore currently not possible to foresee whether there will actually be another major bug with greater effects.

According to the other responses in the official forum, it seems that only has a very small number of playersn received such large sums of gold. Therefore, these are likely to be individual cases that do not require a comprehensive rollback to clarify.

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