Nyangjjigae ‘Cat and Soup’ exceeds 1.2 million daily users

Data provided – Neowiz

The healing neglect game ‘Cat and Soup’, serviced by Neowiz (co-representative Jisu Moon, Seungcheol Kim) and developed by Heidier (CEO Donggyu Kim), surpassed 1.2 million daily active users (DAU) and accumulated downloads. It was announced on the 29th that the number of cases exceeded 5.7 million.

DAU is an indicator of the number of unique users who accessed and played the game in one day, and the number of global users who enjoy cats and soups is counted at more than 1.2 million per day. In addition, global cumulative downloads are recording 5.7 million again in two weeks after reaching 1.5 million records on November 17th.

Cat and Soup is characterized by cute cartoon-style illustrations and easy operation. After its official release, it ranked first in the download rankings in the Google Play Store simulation game and App Store casual game categories.

In particular, it is gaining great popularity among global users, ranking 3rd and 4th in the Google Play download rankings in Japan and the United States, respectively, and has been recognized for its popularity and gameplay, with an average rating of 4.8 or higher.

A Neowiz official said, “Cat and soup are currently receiving a high response in North America and Japan as well as in Korea.