Playings, a subsidiary of Sunday Toz, provides overseas services

Data provided – Sunday Toz

Playings (CEO Im Sang-beom) announced on the 29th (Korean time) that it has started overseas services for the new ‘Slice the Slide’.

‘Slice the Slide’, presented worldwide through Facebook Instant Game, is a casual game that cuts out the space on the screen while avoiding irregularly moving obstacles. This game features an intuitive and easy game method reminiscent of the Korean game of land grabbing, with a variety of difficulty levels and patterns to deliver a light touch. Another attractive feature of this game is that it allows users to create and enjoy social content such as synthesizing and sharing users’ profile photos by taking advantage of the characteristics of an SNS-based game.

‘Slice the Slide’ is Playlinx’s second game that will continue to target the casual game market following the previously released ‘Bubble Tumble’. The company said that this new launch of Playlinx, which placed two social casino games in the top 5 in the overall game sales ranking in Facebook Instant Games, will serve as an opportunity to inform overseas game fans of Playlinx in that it is an expansion into the casual genre. explanation.

Playings CEO Im Sang-beom said, “Following social casinos that have settled in the market, we are planning to release various games by next year. .

Playings, which was launched in June as a result of the merger of Sunday Toz’s subsidiary Sunday Toz Play and affiliate Lynx Games, is servicing social casino games ‘Slot Mate’ and ‘Electric Slot’. Playings, which recorded 30.8 billion won in sales last year based on the two games, plans to expand its overseas game business, including social casinos, together with the game company Fleischer, which was recently acquired by Sunday Toz.