PS5 vs. Xbox Series: There should be a clear winner

The PS5 and Xbox Series have been on the market for more than a year now. But while Sony publishes official sales figures, Microsoft keeps it behind the mountain. An analysis company has now roughly estimated how well the new Xbox generation is selling and compared the numbers with those of the PS5. The result: one console is clearly superior to the other.

PS5 should sell twice as well as Xbox Series

Both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X | S are now a year old – time for a first settlement! Which next-gen console sold better? While Sony regularly reveals at the end of a quarter how many PS5 consoles have been shipped to retailers, Microsoft is keeping a low profile in this regard. Current sales figures are nowhere to be found from the official website.

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Now the market analysis team at Ampere Analysis has roughly estimated how many of the new Xbox consoles have been sold within the last year. The result: According to the analysis company, Sony will be around until the end of September 12.8 million PS5 consoles to the man or woman are Xbox Series S and Series X a total of only 6.7 million times wandered over the counter. In other words: The PS5 sells twice as well as the Xbox Series X | S (Those: Ampere Analysis).

Since Ampere Analysis doesn’t reveal where the Xbox console sales came from, however, one should not blindly trust the comparison.

All information about the Xbox Series X and PS5 can be found briefly and concisely in our video:

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The real winner of the last few months: the Nintendo Switch

But what is also evident from the sales figures: In the third quarter of 2021, neither the Xbox Series X | S nor the PS5 could achieve the most sales. Instead, the Nintendo Switch took first place with 3.91 million units sold. For comparison: The Xbox Series X | S was sold 1.36 million times, the PlayStation 5 3.24 million times.

However, the Switch’s victory is likely to come about, among other things, because the handheld console can currently still be ordered without any problems. Only the new OLED model is currently out of stock. PS5 and Xbox Series X, on the other hand, have been almost consistently sold out since their release, while the cheaper Series S (check out Amazon) can still be found everywhere.

It is still uncertain when the console crisis will finally end. However, current estimates assume that the situation will not ease until summer 2022 at the earliest.

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