Soon in Germany too? Paris turns e-scooters into a lame duck

E-scooters are being chained in Paris. (Image source: Pixabay)

Paris is serious: as a result of a horror accident, the French city drastically tightened the rules for e-scooters. Not all e-scooters are equally affected by the tightening.

Torn from the middle of life: A 31-year-old died in Paris after being hit by an e-scooter. The woman landed unhappily on her head and suffered cardiac arrest. This horror story has now moved the French capital to at least significantly tighten the rules for e-scooters from rental companies.

Paris throttles e-scooters from rental companies to 10 km / h

Starting next year, so-called “slow zones” will be introduced everywhere in Paris, in which a particularly high number of pedestrians will pass. There allowed Only drive e-scooters at a maximum of 10 km / h per hour (Those BBC). The city’s deputy mayor, David Belliard, is even threatening a complete end to e-scooters from rental companies if the situation does not “improve significantly”. E-scooters should find their place in public spaces without causing disruption or presenting dangers.

Conversely, it also means: For the time being, only providers of rental scooters are affected by the restrictions. Anyone who privately owns an e-scooter is not affected and should continue to be allowed to drive at the maximum speed of 20 km / h currently permitted in France.

What is allowed and prohibited on e-scooters? In 5 minutes we will explain:

E-scooters are becoming more and more of a problem

In addition, Paris is also struggling with randomly parked or even discarded e-scooters, which can be found in many parks and in the Seine. German cities can also report similar problems. In mid-June it became known that hundreds of e-scooters are said to be lying on the ground in the Rhine.

Once highly praised and celebrated as a building block for the traffic turnaround, e-scooters seem to be developing more and more into a problem.

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